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    4 office layout design trends for 2020

    Posted by Samantha Johnson

    Posted on 24th Feb 2020 in Cubicles, Office Culture, Open Office Furniture


    We've written extensively about the ongoing open office furniture versus individual cubicles debate. The narrative for most of the last decade was that young Millennials and Generation Z prefer open office for collaboration and communication purposes. Baby Boomers prefer cubicles, while there is no consensus among Generation X. All of those positions have been dissected in survey after survey.

    There is no longer a consensus-like tone when it comes to open office layouts. Workers often complain about a lack of privacy and inability to concentrate on the task at hand. The open office layout is here to stay, however, due to some of the largest technology companies in the world (i.e. Facebook) using it. But Human Resources personnel now understand that office layout is company and culture-specific.

    The Bay Area is a trendsetter for many things technology, especially office furniture and design. Multinational tech firms and startups are always competing for talent. Your office furniture and layout are the first impressions of the company to potential employees. That's why it's imperative to present your company culture in a way that exudes success. Here are four trends taking hold in 2020.

    Wood making a comeback

    There is a growing trend of building office spaces that incorporate nature. This mostly entails a lot of plant life, large windows for natural light, and even artificial waterfalls. But nothing screams nature like wood.

    Wood desks, shelves and even chairs are starting to pop up in office spaces across the Bay Area. Some companies are taking it a step further with the floors. Hardwood floors provide a homey-feel in the office. The major disadvantage is price. Hardwood flooring costs upwards of $25 per square foot. It also requires a lot of maintenance to keep that high-buff shine.

    Another trend we're seeing is large, preserved tree stumps being used as tables.

    Monochromatic color schemes

    The single color revolution is upon us. Monochromatic color schemes provide depth to a room using different shades of the same color. Dark blue walls, combined with slightly lighter blue desktops, chairs and shelving create a sense of harmony. The base color is the unifying element and becomes a major aspect of company culture.

    Paint jobs can be quite expensive, particularly when you cannot shut down the office to do it. If the walls are white, simply choose one color for all the furniture. The contrast creates an aura of creativity and success.

    Office partitions

    We've already talked about open office workspaces. Some companies are stubborn and do not want to ditch the layout even when employees indicate their displeasure. The solution lies with office partitions.

    Space dividers provide personal space in open office settings. It's not quite the same as having enclosed offices. But it does create some privacy while maintaining the open office structure.

    Resimerical design

    The term might sound new to you. But it's just a portmanteau of "residential" and "commercial." The number of workers telecommuting at least half of the workweek continues rising every year. Companies are making the office feel more like home so in-office work hours are just as productive as those from your bedroom.

    Comfortable seating is one of the hallmarks of resimerical design. This includes sofas, love seats and recliners strategically placed throughout the office. Soft ambient lighting and throw rugs are also common resimerical features.

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