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    4 Tips for safely utilizing cubicles when offices reopen

    Posted by Samantha Johnson

    Posted on 10th Jun 2020 in Cubicles, Open Office Furniture, Workplace Wellness


    Many Bay Area businesses are open, but with various restrictions. Governor Gavin Newsom spoke at a veterans home in Yountville on May 22. He hinted that professional sports and hair salons were the next businesses to be given the green light to resume operations. But Contra Costa County saw its one-day biggest spike in COVID-19 cases (65) on June 9. Despite the surge, hair salons and indoor dining are expected to recommence throughout most of the Bay Area next week.

    Office buildings are reopening as well. The California DMV announced yesterday that it is reopening all of its remaining offices throughout the state. The governor said all counties must be on the same page to ensure California continues flattening the coronavirus curve. He was specifically asked about Tulare County, which is moving forward faster than the stage plan of the Governor's Office. He said he's "heartbroken" by the actions of Tulare County, which reported 169 new COVID-19 cases on June 9.

    Bay Area counties have been moving along at their own paces when it comes to reopening as well. It has been slightly slower than the statewide plans. COVID-19 testing has increased in some counties, resulting in more positive tests. The curve overall, however, has flattened. The tech capital of the world is welcoming back workers to the office. Many companies utilize open office furniture and workstations. They'll use more office partitions to facilitate social distancing when staffs return. Companies utilizing cubicles are taking extra precautions as well.

    Taller workstations

    Cubicles were originally intended to create as many workstations as possible in a given space. They are typically separated by partitions that allow workers to sit down and be out of view of their coworkers. Standing up, however, exposes everyone to others' immediate vicinity with most cubicle setups.

    Many offices are installing taller workstations. Cubicle dividers can be upwards of seven feet tall to provide a barrier of protection in these coronavirus times. Masks, sanitizer and taller workstations ensure compliance with county and state directives.

    Plexiglass cubicle sanitary dividers

    A complete makeover for your cubicle assemblies isn't necessary to get your office COVID-19 compliant. The fastest, simplest solution is sneeze guards. These plexiglass barriers come in many varieties. Some are permanently mounted. Others are portable and adjustable.

    Plexiglass barriers can be translucent (frosted) or transparent. These barriers are easily retrofitted onto existing cubicles.

    Keep work surfaces clean

    This was a given even before COVID-19. But sanitation and cleanliness are more important than ever. One sick employee leads to several others, causing your office to shut down again.

    Bleach is highly-recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as a go-to cleanser. A solution of five tablespoons of bleach and a gallon of water can be poured in spray bottles and placed around the office for easy access. A solution with 3% peroxide and 97% water is also effective for killing coronavirus and other pathogens. Clorox wipes are convenient. They are also scarce and more expensive versus making your own solution and using paper towels.

    Emails, text messages are your friends

    The less physical contact employees have with one another, the better. Update company policies to encourage communication by electronic means. Meeting should be held on Skype, Zoom, Hangouts or some other platform unless in-person meetings are absolutely necessary.

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