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    4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Office Workspace

    Posted on 11th Oct 2018 in Cubicles, Office Desks, Open Office Furniture

    For those who work a 9-5 job, they are spending a large portion of their week at the office. More specifically, they are spending most of that time at their desk or cubicle. If you have an individual space or desk, it is worth it to personalize the space to your needs. This will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable at work everyday, and the small changes can make a big difference.

    Stand or Hang Some Photos

    The easiest way to personalize your workspace is to place photos around your desk. Feel free to use all of the available real estate in your cubicle, even the walls, if your company allows for it. Having pictures will give you a sense of ownership for your space, instead of feeling like another office robot in the building.

    Decorate with Flowers or a Plant

    Nothing brightens up your day quicker than the smell of a fresh set of flowers on your desk. They dont have to be expensive or fancy. A small plant can also be used for this purpose. Depending on the plant you choose, it may also help to clean the air around your workspace. Fresh air goes a long way for increasing productivity and happiness.

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    If you are worried about taking care of a plant and you dont want to spend money on new flowers every week, consider buying some fake flowers. They still act as colorful decoration on your desk that is unique and inspiring.

    Consider an Area Rug

    This option depends on the general rules in your office, but if your company allows for it you should look into purchasing an area rug for your cubicle or workspace. Besides being a great decoration piece, a nice rug can help to tie together all parts of your office.

    When a client sees your office decor, they will be impressed that you take so much care of your appearance and they will have an easier time trusting your company. Appearances matter!

    Organize with a White Board (Or Cork Board)

    While a to-do list can be a simple way to track your workflow throughout the day, having a white board on the wall can help to organize your process with a distinct visual aid. You can use this space to write daily or monthly goals, as well as write notes to yourself.

    The best part about a white board is that you can personalize it! Using stickers, photos, or any number of crafting supplies, any plain whiteboard can become a streamlined piece of your work furniture.

    Spice things up by adding motivational quotes or your new years resolution to help you stay focused! Some white boards also come with a large calendar portion to keep important dates organized.

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    Everyone Benefits!

    Even if you decide to make these changes to your own workspace, other people may benefit from your decision. A colleague might notice your motivational quote on your white board or they might smell some flowers as they walk by.

    Encourage all of your co-workers to decorate their spaces to boost work moral and relationships!

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