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    5 Unique Ways to Personalize Your Cubicle

    Posted by Samantha Johnson

    Posted on 13th Oct 2019 in Cubicles, Office Culture


    A 2018 Expedia analysis ranked San Francisco the fifth-most stylish city in the United States. Matador Network ranked San Francisco the fifth-most fashionable city that same year. The 415 is infamous for some of it’s negative issues (that ain’t dog poop you just stepped over). But most people view San Fran as the technology hub and trendsetter of the world.

    Open office layouts are the style du jour for many tech, engineering and software firms. Collaboration and teamwork are essential for creating and maintaining innovations that move the world. Despite the trend, cubicles are still very common throughout Bay Area offices. Accounting firms, law firms, banking and other industries that require individual focus are unlikely to dump cubicles for open office furniture anytime soon.

    Some companies have strict "lean office" policies related to cubicle decor. But a 2010 study by University of Exeter researchers found that those policies are oppressive and counterproductive. "Empowered office" workers got 30% more done than those working in lean office settings. Researchers also concluded that employees were more productive when they were allowed to choose their decor versus someone else decorating for them.

    Family photos and coffee mugs are the most common items found at office cubicles. Here are five unique ways to make your cubicle more personable and stylish.

    Add a pegboard

    Mechanics, cooks and others with a lot of tools use pegboards. They also make great additions to office cubicles. Some hang little shelves and place little knick-knacks on them. Others get sets of letters and spell out new, inspiring and/or funny messages everyday.

    A pegboard can also be used traditionally. Hang your scissors, coffee mugs and other tools from it to clear space on your desktop.

    Painted Rocks

    This is a good one for parents. Take a weekend hiking or camping trip with the kids. Collect a few large rocks and bring them home. Use spray paint if you want to make them one solid color. But it's more fun for you and the little ones to paint rocks with brushes and your imaginations. These family project provide stories and memories at your cubicle. The rocks can be used as bookends or solo decor.

    Add a lamp

    Gooseneck and other clip-on lamps are the common, boring routes when decorating your cubicles. Head to the local flea market or pawn shop, and find something unique. An 80s-style lamp with shade provides a nostalgic, retro feel. eBay is great for finding specific items. Those crystal globe touch lamps never get old. Neon lamps are also cool if you're office allows them.

    Hanging Mirrors

    You can have a lot of fun with mirrors. Those with corner cubicles in high-traffic areas can strategically-place mirrors so people know if others are coming around the corner. Novelty mirrors have the logos of popular magazines like Time and Sports Illustrated. Looking into them gives the appearance of you being on the cover.

    Miniature Video Games

    This one is reserved for the hobbyist who doesn't mind putting in some extra effort and spending a few bucks. Miniature Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Frogger games provide cool visuals just from their sheer presence. They make a lot of noise, so you probably won't be playing them much during business hours. But your cubicle becomes the place to be at 5 p.m. Most miniature video games record high scores. Co-workers will develop fun, competitive rivalries, complete with trash-talking.

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