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    Social distancing when offices reopen

    Posted on 30th Apr 2020 in Office Culture

    Bay Area authorities said the nine-county lockdown has been extended from May 3 to May 31. That means all nonessential businesses remain closed and most workers remain furloughed or working from home through April. There will be a point when normalcy once again prevails and you're fighting rush-hour traffic to get to work. Many companies are likely to reassess their office designs and protocols when the smoke clears.

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    5 tips for home workouts during coronavirus lockdown

    Posted on 17th Apr 2020 in Workplace Wellness

    One of the most common New Year's resolutions is to lose weight. Gyms always see upticks in new members at the beginning of January. But the fresh faces don't stick around long.

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    4 tips for Bay Area residents working from home

    Posted on 9th Apr 2020 in Office Desks, Office Furniture Industry, Standing Desks

    Social distancing, lockdown and shelter-in-place were unfamiliar terms to most Americans just six weeks ago. But it appears all three will be frequent fliers on the U.S. vernacular plane for the foreseeable future.

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    Yoga is taking the corporate world by storm

    Posted on 3rd Apr 2020 in Office Culture, Workplace Wellness

    Yoga is fast becoming the norm in office settings due to government incentives and the direct benefits of more mindful, relaxed employees.

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