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    3 tips for finding a job in the coronavirus era

    Posted on 5th Aug 2020 in Workplace Wellness

    The U.S. job market is full of uncertainty due to COVID-19. Bureau of Labor Statistics data says that more than 20 million Americans were either laid off or let go from their jobs since March. A silver lining came in the form of a record 4.8 million jobs being added to the economy in June. Many of those jobs were people being called back from lay offs. July job numbers are expected to drop due to cities and states shutting down as coronavirus cases surge in the Bay Area, California, and across the country.

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    3 Tips for running a successful fully-remote company

    Posted on 2nd Aug 2020 in Office Culture, Office Furniture Industry

    Small businesses are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy. The U.S. Small Business Association estimated that there were 30.7 million business with under 500 employees in the country in 2019. But businesses with fewer than 100 employees account for over 98% of all U.S. companies. Small businesses account for 64% of all new jobs created annually in the U.S. The coronavirus pandemic has unfortunately forced dramatic change on many of the foregoing statistics.

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