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    Building A Motivational Workspace

    Posted on 3rd Jan 2019 in Cubicles, Open Office Furniture

    Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life. This quote may be true for some in the workforce, but the sad reality is that most employees are working to pay the bills. They may not be excited to come into work each day. But there are ways to build an office environment that inspires and motivates them.

    As an employer, it is crucial that your employees are inspired to achieve the same goals as your company. There are a few ways to do this. You can cut down on meetings, instate mandatory time off, or offer a free beer fridge in the breakroom. However, when you look at the day to day activities of workers, they want to be comfortable during the workday.

    You may not be able to build the office of their dreams, but you can do a few things to ensure that their workspace is comfortable and efficient.

    Improve Lighting in the Office

    If there is any natural lighting in the office, now is the time to let it shine as much as possible. Open up the space in front of windows, allowing the natural sunlight to spill into the room. Sunlight has been shown to increase work efficiency and happiness.

    Studies prove the regular exposure to the sun’s rays can significantly decrease chances of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which creates symptoms of depression and cycles of sadness for people who live in areas with dark winter months. If you or your employees work in an area that gets decreased levels of sunlight in the winter, you will need to have those windows open as much as possible to help avoid this disorder.

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    Let Employees Decorate Their Own Spaces

    Employees are happy when their boss lets them post pictures around their cubicle, but how about taking it a step further?

    Let your staff design the best workspace for them. You might have someone who prefers to work standing up, in which case they may want to have a standing desk or adjustable height set up. Another worker may want to work near one with less distractions, prompting them to buy a set of headphones that block out noise.

    The dilemma here is that employers are hesitant to invest in their employee’s equipment, as they don’t know how long workers will stick around. In the long run, the more you invest in your employees, the more they will work for your company.

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    Use Motivational Quotes To Inspire

    It may sound cheesy, but placing quotes around the office can help workers remain in high spirits throughout the day. If quotes sound too cliche for you, try placing up the motto or mission statement of your company. This is an easy way to remind workers what the overall goal is. They will be constantly reminded that they are part of something bigger than themselves, giving meaning to their daily tasks. Connecting their work to the big picture is a great way to help instill a sense of pride in any work environment.

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