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    Coronavirus: tracking technology records employee movements

    Posted by Samantha Johnson

    Posted on 17th Jul 2020 in Office Culture, Workplace Wellness


    Salesforce is one of the world's leading companies when it comes to enterprise, cloud-based applications. The company specialize in customer relationship management (CRM) and analytics. It's also one of the most sought-after workplaces for techies. Fortune magazine ranked the company sixth in its employment satisfaction survey of the top 100 places to work. The downtown San Francisco-based firm is a trendsetter that other companies emulate. Salesforce's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and employees returning to the Salesforce Tower is no exception.

    The Department of Public Heath for the City and County of San Francisco released guidelines on June 12 for offices to begin gradually reopening. Several provisions were outlined for the safest reopening plans possible NOTE this was before Governor Gavin Newsom shut down the state entirely again early this week.

    Workers who absolutely cannot telecommute at nonessential businesses were allowed to return to the office. Occupancy rates were limited to 20% for all companies with 20 or more workers. But the 20% cap was only approved if companies have the office space to keep workers at least six feet apart. All safety protocols must be clearly posted for workers and visitors to see, including mask requirements. Individual companies can add additional protocols at their discretion. Salesforce did just that.

    Every workers will have their temperature taken on every floor of the building daily. Elevator capacity is capped, while start times for workers are staggered throughout the day. The company is also installing plexiglass dividers between desks to further reinforce social distancing requirements. Salesforce announced that all employees can continue working from home through 2020. But those who are cleared to come back to work will have many new protocols facilitated by technology.

    Daily wellness check

    All workers must log into an app every morning and answer several questions about their health. They are asked about potential symptoms and if they are feeling sick. Workers are also ask if they have been around anyone who was feeling sick and/or has tested positive for the virus. Once they are cleared, they have a 30-minute window to arrive at the office ready to work.

    PricewaterhouseCoopers and contact tracing

    Similar to Salesforce employees, London-based PwC is requiring its workers to swipe ID badges upon entering certain floors and areas of the building. This will help Human Resources determine who should stay home and quarantine in the event a worker suddenly tests positive. But PwC is taking things a step further.

    The company is requiring workers to install a contact tracing app in their phones. The app uses WiFi and Bluetooth signals to track all movements of workers inside company property. The data are stored in a central drive and help determine if other people were exposed to the virus when someone tests positive. The app is currently only being used at the company's Shanghai office. David Sapin, a PwC IT worker who helped develop the app, told NPR that the app does not track workers outside the building and that over-surveillance concerns are without merit.

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