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    Designing the Perfect Office To Work From Home

    Posted on 27th Jul 2018 in Office Desks, Ergonomic

    As the number of freelancers and remote work opportunities increases over the next decade, more workers will utilize alternate work environments. Places such as libraries, coffee shops, and co-working spaces expect a significant jump in their daily usage. For most of these remote workers, they will opt to use their own office at home.

    The comforts of home are both a benefit and a curse when it comes to creating a work-focused environment. Sure, you can work in your own space, but the lure of distractions can be greatly increased without a boss nearby.

    The solution — craft a space that includes everything you want and need in a design that works for you. Whether your office is big or small, here are a few key things to consider when setting up your new home office.

    Modern Office Furniture

    Keep it Simple and Organized

    Be sure to include the obvious pieces: a desk, lamp, nice chair, etc., but remember to bring in furniture that helps to organize the space well. You will thank yourself when you are up late looking for a particular piece of information and you can easily find it in your filing cabinet.

    A desk with adequate storage or a set of drawers in your office will work wonders when trying to assemble the space. A clean, clutter-free desk is recommended, as it gives you the most room for work and activities, so think twice before you decide to use this space for organizers. This can be done, but only if you do it right!

    Make It Comfortable

    After spending countless hours working your 9-5 desk job or walking on your feet all day, it is time to get a chair fitted for you specifically. There are a multitude of styles and brands that fit a variety of needs. Some even come with a rating for how long they recommend you can sit in it.

    Just a note here: Don’t make it too comfortable. Sure, a beanbag is fun to sit in, but are you really going to be able to finish that entire report in that big floppy sack?

    If you are someone who works at a computer all day, you may want to consider the height of your laptop screen or computer monitor. By making sure your screen is at the right angle, you can prevent injuries to your neck and back in the long run and boost your productivity now.

    Modern Office Furniture

    Look for Somewhere Quiet

    Our lives are crazy. Most workers have a spouse, pets, children, and friends running around the house during the day. If you know that you won’t be able to get the house to yourself while you work, choose a room in the house that is far away from the main seating areas.

    If that isn’t an option, research a good set of headphones that will keep out the unwanted noise while you work. Using a faint background noise or playlist can help you drown out the kids fighting or the dogs barking.

    You Don’t Have To Break The Bank

    Building your home office doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands of dollars on a new desk and carpet with all the works. There are plenty of companies that sell eco-friendly refurbished furniture that will help your wallet and the environment at the same time.

    Do your research, plan ahead of time, and lastly, build that office that you always wanted!

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