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    Office Furniture at San Francisco's Biggest Offices

    Posted on 20th Nov 2018 in Open Office Furniture, Ergonomic

    San Francisco is home to hundreds of well-established companies, surrounded by thousands of fledgling start-ups hoping to make it big. There is a reason that this city in particular has become a hot spot for new ventures to get started. Other than the obvious close proximity to Silicon Valley, San Francisco benefits because it sits in between tech giants and social media companies — leaders in the next wave of business culture.

    Mirroring the fast-paced world of technology trends, the big brands in this space began trying out new concepts in their company layouts. In contrast to big bland office buildings of the 80s and 90s, new-age companies implemented “fun” offices with tons of amenities, like coffee shops, ping pong tables, and video games in the break room.

    The question to ask here is, are these offices working? And what can we do to imitate their design?

    Open Office Spaces

    Popularized most recently by tech giant Google, these layouts feature open rooms full of desks, instead of traditional cubicles or offices. The idea here is that open layouts encourage communication and collaboration between employees. So, do they actually work?

    San Francisco Office Furniture

    Two groups of thought have sprung up around the topic, and the answer isn’t clear. Depending on how employers implement open office layouts, workers will either embrace or reject the new plan.

    There are a few ways to combat this problem:

    1. Hire a project manager - An expert can help design a space that encourages communication while still offering privacy when workers want it most.
    2. Group your employees strategically - While you may think that the marketing and product launch team need to sit next to each other, studies suggest that this can slow down communication. Instead, group up the two teams separately and allow for an open line of communication between team leaders.
    3. Install an open office layout with minimal walls - There is a way to offer open office layouts that separate departments in creative ways.
    4. Check with your team - Ask your employees how they would feel about this type of office space. A younger staff or new startup may benefit from this layout, while a more established company might not adjust as well.

    Coffee Shops, Beer Fridges, and ... Ping Pong?

    As part of an ongoing joke about Millennials, numerous punch lines feature their love of coffee and craft beer. Companies are harnessing these interests and bringing them to their workspaces as an attempt to increase worker happiness.

    With unemployment at record lows, employers have to recruit new workers to their companies using additional benefits other than the usual medical and dental coverage. And some of these benefits are becoming more and more elaborate. Take these companies for example:

    Twitter - This office comes with its own yoga studio, fitness room, two game rooms, and a large cafeteria. Oh, and don’t forget about the rooftop garden.

    San Francisco Office Furniture

    Square - At the forefront of electronic payment, this company features a library, an in-house coffee shop, wellness center, and outdoor deck.

    San Francisco Office Furniture

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, what can we learn here? One thing rings true, it is important to design an office from the perspective of your employees. They don’t need a lavish lounge or in-house barista, but they will appreciate a space that is arranged with them in mind.

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