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    Picking New Office Reception Chairs

    Posted on 1st Nov 2018 in Reception Desks, Office Chairs

    One of the most important pieces of your client’s first impression is your office reception area. What is the first thing that your customer sees when they enter your office space?

    Imagine you are a new customer and you encounter one of two scenarios:

    1. You enter a dimly lit front room only to be greeted by a receptionist who works at a small plastic table. She tells you that you can sit and wait on one of two futon couches that are smashed into a corner of the room.
    2. As you enter the building, the reception area is clearly separate from the rest of the office with a receptionist sitting at a vibrant and uncluttered desk. She directs you to an area with a few comfortable chairs and a clean coffee table in the middle.

    Now this example may seem a little exaggerated, but you understand the point. A cluttered office can hinder a client’s ability to trust you. If I saw that someone kept every area organized — even a small reception waiting space — then I know they will take care of every detail in my project.

    Here are some more ideas to consider during your next reception area update:

    Match Your Reception Chairs to the Office Decor

    All of your office furniture should reflect a singular professional tone, even the reception area. If you run a law office, you may not want inflatable furniture in the waiting room.

    But, what does it mean to “match” your office furniture? This can mean a few things. You could try to maintain a general color or theme throughout the office. For example, if your office features dark colored wood desks and chairs, it may be appropriate to also choose a wooden style of reception chair. However, you will want to take into account the transferability of chairs for future re-arrangements.

    Office Reception Chairs

    Make Sure that Your Chairs are Versatile

    While wood chairs may look professional, one of their drawbacks is that they tend to be heavier than a plastic competitor. There is a wide range of beautiful plastic chairs that look professional, that are still easy to manipulate and move around.

    Another benefit to plastic chairs is how easy it can be to replace them. If one breaks, they are easier to repair. Even if the damage is too great, purchasing a new chair is often more affordable.

    Office Reception Chairs

    Try To Choose Chairs That Will Last

    Besides choosing chairs that are budget friendly, there are other ways to save your money in this department. If you are going to spend money, choose high quality chairs that will last a long time or purchase used furniture from a reputable office furniture dealership in your area.

    Don’t Forget Comfort

    We have all suffered sitting in an uncomfortable chair. It is important to look for reception chairs that are sturdy, stylish, and within your budget, but please don’t forget to make sure that someone will actually enjoy sitting in them! I would hate for a potential new hire or customer to sit in the office and their last thought to be “ouch”!

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