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    Prevent Slouching With The Proper Office Furniture Setup

    Posted on 16th Oct 2018 in Office Desks, Ergonomic

    Everyday slouching and neck problems are increasing as more of our daily lives revolve around looking down at our laptops, phones, and other electronics. It can be a hard habit to break, but well worth it in the long run. There are a host of health problems associated with slouching and not sitting up straight.

    While it may seem like a pain to fix this bad habit, the benefits are immediate and long-lasting, making it well worth the effort. In addition to the obvious pros here are some of the main benefits to consider when trying to fix that terrible posture:

    • Less Pain - Slouching too far forward or backwards puts undue pressure on your hips, neck, and back muscles. After fixing your posture, you may notice an immediate change in pain levels throughout the day.
    • No More Stress - Chronic pain and inflammation in your spine and back only adds to your stress levels throughout the day, affecting your mood and overall health.
    • Sleep Easier - An important addition to the mood boosting effects of good posture is that you will sleep much better. Alleviating your back pain throughout the day means that your pain isn’t seeping into your nightly routine. And a pain-free night means a restful night.
    • Increase Energy - With better sleep, less pain, and a decrease in stress, you will have more time and energy to focus on your daily tasks, whether it be work or personal matters.

    The first step to improving your posture is to make sure that your office workstation is optimized for proper ergonomic posture. This means that your back is aligned straight and your neck is in a good position when working.

    Office Furniture

    Sit Straight In Your Chair

    When purchasing your next office chair, make sure that you can sit comfortably with your back straight up and down. For example, a large squishy beanbag chair would not make for an ideal place to sit all day.

    Level Your Desk Properly

    If you work on a computer most of the day, you are at an increased risk of slouching and putting excess pressure on your back. It is important to make sure that your office computer sits at eye level during the day. You can achieve this by adjusting your chair or buying a standing desk, which allows you to stand up and type.

    Office Furniture

    Utilize Office Space

    If you need another excuse to make a few trips to the office break room throughout the day, you are in luck. Standing and walking around, even just for a small walk, can get the blood flowing throughout your body and gives your back a much needed break throughout the day. Now you don’t have to feel sorry for making another trip to the office cooler!

    Get an Ergonomic Keyboard

    While it may seem like a small detail, if your keyboard is not comfortable to use, you may find yourself unconsciously adjusting to find a better position during the day. Skip this process by purchasing a keyboard that is designed for an ergonomic fit. You can also invest in a keyboard get mat, which takes the pressure off of your wrists and creates a better typing angle.

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