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    School districts nationwide utilizing plexiglass for social distancing

    Posted by Bill Herndon

    Posted on 1st Sep 2020 in Office Furniture Industry, Workplace Wellness


    The Bay Area is once again showing positive signs of emerging from a weeks-long pattern of COVID-19 abyss. Hospitalizations in the nine-county metro area dropped from 963 on July 31 to 706 on August 30, according to state data. That's a 27% decrease in a month.

    Governor Gavin Newsom issued new, simplified guidelines for coronavirus on August 28. A four-tiered system replaced the former monitoring system and went into effect on August 31. The purple "widespread" tier is the worst, while the "minimal" yellow tier is the best classification. Seven Bay Area counties were classified as purple on August 28. San Francisco and Napa counties received the "substantial" classification, one step below widespread. Bay Area counties are open for business, but in accordance with local ordinances.

    Bars, theaters, concert venues and other places with large gatherings are closed in Alameda County. An August 28 order by county authorities mandates that hair salons, barber shops and other personal services providers operate outdoors. Gyms, short-term rental properties, and places of worship are open in Contra Costa county with social distancing requirements. San Francisco County allowed barbershops and nail salons to open on September 1. Gyms are allowed to hold group training sessions outdoors pursuant to the most recent order. The one consistency in all counties is that schools are all closed for in-person learning, at least for the time being.

    The governor's original order in July mandated that schools can open for in-person learning when the respective county is off the former monitoring list for 14 consecutive days. Otherwise schools must start the year with online classes. Under the new system, schools in the purple tier counties cannot hold in-person classes. All other categories are eligible for reopening with local and state rules in place. California school districts are keeping an eye on districts across the country that are open for in-person learning. Many are following similar protocols in hopes of staying open for the entire semester.

    Plexiglass barriers and creative decor

    Students are walking into classrooms for the first time that look like nothing they've seen before. First day of school nerves and anxiety are already consuming students, particularly those in new schools and those entering high school or junior high for the first time. Fort Mill, North Carolina teachers are doing their best to make the new surroundings as normal as possible.

    WBTV Channel 3 reported that students in the district are required to wear masks. The schools also retrofitted many tables and desks with plexiglass barriers to ensure social distancing. But teachers are adding picnic tables, plants and other decor to their classroom to make students feel more comfortable. Eve Dowling, a fourth-grade teacher, told the station that the decorations are meant to eliminate the stresses of COVID-19 mandates and allow students to focus on learning.

    Detroit Public Schools installed plexiglass sneeze guards in high traffic areas. The Charleston County School District in South Carolina spent $6 million retrofitting desks, tables and countertops with plexiglass, according to WIS Channel 10. The Anchorage School District in Alaska has also installed plexiglass throughout its buildings.

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