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    The Best Way to Sell Your Office Furniture

    Posted on 6th Nov 2018 in

    With furniture topping the list as one of the least recycled household goods, it is time that we reinvented the way we dispose of old things. There has been an emergence of people who are willing to reuse office furniture. So many people in fact, there are entire companies helping to reduce the waste to our planet.

    How can these companies help? They can make selling old furniture easier for you. When you think about selling any used item, what do you dread the most?

    • Finding a buyer
    • Transporting the furniture
    • Getting a decent price
    • Offloading it quickly

    By using a furniture company, you can take advantage of their services and leave the dirty work to them. You do your part for the environment, and the company gets to serve the community in an ethical way.

    What can they do for you?

    Find A Buyer

    A furniture company is going to take your stuff back to their warehouse, where they may fix it up or refurbish it and then re-sell it to another customer. They worry about finding the buyer later. This benefits all parties, because you get rid of that old chair, the company makes money by helping you, and the next customer can buy the chair knowing that they helped a great cause.

    If the furniture company takes the time to refurbish your stuff, they will be taking an old item and returning it to its old glory before putting it back out on the market. This process greatly increases the lifetime of a single object.

    Another aspect to consider is that it is much harder to find a buyer for a large amount of office furniture. With a specialized company, they already have a direct line to the target market of these goods.

    Transporting the Furniture

    The hard part about moving furniture is that not everyone has a truck or large enough SUV to fit everything. When you use a furniture company, they bring their large trucks directly to your door and literally do the heavy lifting for you. They already have a truck made for transporting furniture, so it pays to use it!

    Getting a Decent Price

    Arguably the worst part of selling anything is haggling over price. You want to get a good amount of money for the stuff that you are selling. With a furniture expert, they can help to accurately appraise your items and give you a direct price up front, eliminating the haggle over price.

    Offloading It Quickly

    If you are trying to vacate an office and you need to get rid of the furniture as soon as possible, then using a mover is the best possible option. They can pick up your furniture at your convenience, because they don’t have to sell the goods right away. You order your pick up, get paid, and walk away stress free.

    While Ebay and craigslist used to work for selling used items, there are better ways to sell office furniture today. As an eco-conscientious consumer, you are doing yourself and the planet a favor by choosing to sell your used furniture instead of throwing it out.

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