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    Writers Room: How To Create The Perfect Space For Company Scribes

    Posted on 14th Apr 2019 in Office Chairs, Office Culture, Office Desks

    The digital age has made content marketing a necessity for companies in virtually all sectors. The 2018 Clutch Small Business Survey found that 64% of companies have a website and/or blog. That 36% still living in the Stone Age not only look illegitimate (would you do business with a company without a website?), but are essentially at the mercy of social media to give themselves some kind of online presence.

    Companies that invest in content, particularly blogging and video, attract more leads and become authorities in their respective industries as they continually publish high-quality content. Most companies hire freelancers for their content marketing needs. But some want their writers in-house so they have their fingers on the pulse of the company’s brand and culture. But writers need an environment conducive to creativity, that allows them to concentrate and work their magic.

    A writers room is just what your company needs for maximum productivity from your content creators. Here’s how to do it.

    Comfortable Furniture

    Good writers who understand the economics of content marketing have many eccentricities that make them somewhat difficult to please. Most would rather write from the comfort of their own homes. So if you want to attract full-time writers, make sure to invest in comfort.

    A writers room should have office lounge furniture to give it a relaxing feel. All desk chairs should be adjustable, as far as the height and armrests. Desks should have monitors with neatly-arranged HDMI and other cords so writers can easily connect a second or third monitor to their laptops.

    Make certain to also have standing desks and lap desks readily available as well.

    Proper Lighting

    This may be one of the most underrated and neglected aspects not only for writers rooms, but office spaces in general. The purpose of this article is not to cover all the scientific aspects of lighting and production in the workplace. But University of North Carolina researchers provided a solid glossary as to the basics of light variations and light temperature as it relates to productivity.

    A really good example is the heating of metal. When a blacksmith first heats metal, it turns red, then orange, then white as the temperatures increases. It culminates in a blue-white color. Scientists refer to this as "color temperature." A campfire, for instance, has a warm color temperature that makes humans feel comfortable and relaxed. An overcast winter day in the Midwest is cold lighting, which makes us feel alert.

    The aforementioned UNC researchers found that cooler light improves alertness, mood, and overall productivity. Blue-enriched lighting in a writers room is the most effective for productivity. The bulbs can easily be found on Amazon and other online retailers.


    Writers takes notes mentally, via audio, and by writing with the old-fashioned pen and paper method. Your writers room should provide all of these options and make them readily available for your scribes.

    Quiet areas can be created by placing office partitions in specific areas of the room. Each should have audio recorders that can be checked out by writers so they can dictate their ideas verbally and come back to them when necessary. Simple instructions on downloading audio files and deleting them from the recording devices should be prominently-displayed in said areas. Don't just use those cheap 20-packs of Bic pens in the writers room. Invest in pens with rubber grips and even those LED pens that light up for writers who like to write in the dark.

    A dedicated writers room to lure talented content creators can significantly increase your company's profits. All of the above provides the basic blueprint.

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