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    Sell Your Office Furniture

    We Buy Used Office Furniture

    • Diassembly and pickup is available
    • We typically buy certain types but not others, see below
    • We can accomodate a tight deadline if you need it removed quickly

    How It Works

    Eco Office will buy specific types of office furniture (Haworth cubicles, metal filing cabinets) directly from end-users.

    For certain other types (chairs, desks, conference tables), we don't buy them directly, but we may be able to help you find local liquidators and brokers that might be willing to help you. Feel free to contact us to ask for help, but please read this entire page first.

    We Buy Used Cubicles

    We primarily buy used cubicles, and specifically Haworth-brand cubicles. If you are looking to sell a large quantity of used Haworth cubicles, please do contact us right away. We are one of the largest buyers in the country for this type of product and will buy this product from end-users, liquidators, and brokers.

    We typically buy locally to the San Francisco Bay Area, but if you have a large inventory at a great price, we will buy from other cities and states, so please contact us.

    We will also buy the following cubicle parts:

    • Cubicle walls
    • Pedestal files and "box box file" BBF personal file cabinets - all brands, doesn't need to be Haworth
    • Power parts like basefeeds and topfeeds
    • Connecting parts like rails, topcaps and splines
    • Worksurfaces

    How to Identify Haworth Cubicles

    Remove Top Cap
    Remove Top Cap
    Photograph Label Email To Us
    Photograph Label
    Email To Us

    We Buy Used File Cabinets

    We will buy all brands of metal file cabinets if they are the following type:

    • Pedestal files and "box box file" BBF personal file cabinets - all brands, doesn't need to be Haworth
    • Lateral files
    • Rolling personal file cabinets

    Example File Cabinets

    Rolling File Cabinets
    Rolling File Cabinets
    Pedestal File Cabinets
    Pedestal File Cabinets
    Lateral File Cabinets
    Lateral File Cabinets

    Tips For Selling Used Office Furniture

    Important Info

    It is typically difficult to resell items on the second list, e.g. chairs/desks/conference tables. It isn't that your stuff isn't nice, it's that it can't be efficiently resold to others. Typical reasons are: they are never sold in large quantities of the same type (conference tables), don't disassemble and move well (desks), or don't generally age well (chairs).

    That said, you might get lucky if you have a large number of the same thing. For example, if you have 25+ of the same type of standing desk, or if you have 50 Herman Miller Aeron chairs, we can usually find someone to take those.

    Things We Buy Directly

    • Haworth-brand cubicles
    • File cabinets - all types and brands
    • Cubicle components
      • Work surfaces
      • Pedestal/personal file cabinets
      • Power feeds
      • Overhead storage compartments

    Things We Don't Buy Directly

    • Reception Desks
    • Office Desks, including standing desks
    • Conference Tables
    • Whiteboards
    • Non-Haworth brand cubicles
      • Steelcase
      • Knoll
      • (others)
    • Office chairs

    How To Sell Your Office Furniture

    Make A List

    The most important thing we need to give you a quote on your office furniture is a detailed list of what you have. Here are some guidelines for how that should look:

    1. Include any model numbers, e.g. EFN-442
    2. Make sure you have an accurate quantity - we typically by the "panel" or "piece" and not by the "cube", although we can buy by the cube if you need us to.
    3. Note the color in basic terms, e.g. "dark gray" or "light blue"
    4. List dimensions, especially for file cabinets, e.g. 72" high, 36" wide, 24" deep.
    5. Provide relevant descriptive attributes, e.g. for file cabinets, number of drawers.

    Take High-Res Photos

    We often are asked to buy office furniture "sight unseen", which means we have to decide on a price before we ever see it. We sometimes do this and we sometimes don't, and that comes down entirely to the qualtiy of the photos. Here's a guide to taking photos of your used office furniture:

    1. Try to take the photos by standing back a bit so we can see the whole product.
    2. Make sure we can see all sides of the product
    3. Definitely include photos of any manufacturers' labels -- this helps a great deal
    4. If there's an entire room full of a particular type of product, e.g. cubicles, send us at least one photo of that
    5. Try to show us the space so we can give us an idea of how we will remove it. Especially true if you don't have elevators, we must use stairs, etc.
    6. Don't compress the images--we need to see the detail. If you must compress them, don't go beyond "medium".
    7. When you email us the photos, we recommend you use a file sharing service like Dropbox to send the photos - this will avoid email file size limits and make sure we get all the detail.
    8. If you can't use a service and must use email attachments--don't compress the images too much. A good image should be ~200KB or more, and have a resolution of at least 1000 pixels or more in each dimension.

    Talk To Your Landlord About Building Requirements

    Many larger commercial buildings have specific requirements for furniture removal that tenants may not be aware of. For example:

    1. Insurance requirements - e.g. vendor must provide a certificate ahead of time naming the building as additional ensured. (This is not a problem and we can provide it, but you must plan ahead for it).
    2. Loading docks / elevators - they may not allow us to use their elevators without a reservation, may require the use of a specific elevator, or may only allow it during certain hours of the day. Best to check first.

    Tell Us About Your Situation

    Every furniture purchase is different. What's important to you -- price, timeline, convenience, etc? If you want the highest price, it's best to plan ahead, disclose all damage, and ask us to remove only the things we are buying. To illustrate the point, here are some of the things that frequently come up and may affect the price:

    • Schedule - If you need to have it out within 48 hours, or need to have it removed after business hours, this can affect the price. We have to pay our folks different rates for overtime, so that matters. NOTE: We can accomodate short schedules <1 week. Please contact us to check.
    • Disposal - In certain scenarios, we can and will buy some of your furniture - e.g. cubicles/file cabinets, but we can't buy the rest, e.g. office chairs. If you want us to just take care of everything, this may involve disposal fees for the things we can't buy or use, so keep that in mind.
    • Condition - It is important that you disclose any damage to us when you ask for a quote. If we find damage upon arrival that impacts the price, that may mean price adjustments on the spot, and that's a situation that you and us probably wish to avoid.

    Email Us

    The contact email at the bottom of the page is the right place to send inquiries for buying used office furniture. Remember, we need the following:

    1. A list with model numbers, descriptions, colors and quantities
    2. Reminder: we can only buy Haworth-brand cubicles, see above for how to identify them.
    3. High-res photos of each type of item you'd like to sell
    4. A description of your situation: what floor is it on, what is your timeline, do you want us to take the things we can't buy, etc.

    Save The World

    By selling or properly disposing of your used office furniture, you're making a huge difference in the environmental footprint of the world around us. Just imagine how much landfill space would be taken up if you didn't properly recycle it.

    This one small act of conservation can mean as much or more positive impact on our environment than what you drive or what resources you conserve at home. Give yourself a pat on the back for going green!

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