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    Expert Project Managers

    If you find the office furniture buying process a bit overwhelming and need a lot of detailed help, you're not alone.

    When you first give us a call, you'll be assigned to one of the people shown above - Matt, Tess, or Joe - these are our Expert Project Managers.

    From that point on, you'll work exclusively with this person on every detail. This may sound like a detail; however, if you have had the experience of being passed around to various people inside the same company, who are not talking to each other, you'll appreciate how simple it is to always be in sync with your office furniture vendor.

    Here's what you can expect from them:

    1. One point of contact start to finish - they will handle planning, design, lead times, ordering, installation dates, etc. -- everything A to Z. This keeps it simple for you.
    2. Space Planning - Almost everyone needs help measuring their space, creating a layout, and deciding how to use floor space efficiently. Our project managers have decades of experience in this process and will generate a professional CAD drawing so you know what to expect right down to the inch.
    3. Design Help - Not sure what color combination will work with your space? Want a really modern looking private office setup? Your Expert Project Manager can help with every decision along the way, helping you to create the look and feel that's just right for you and your team.
    4. Coordination - Making an installation successful involves many different parties: you, your stakeholders, your building's management company, the electrical contractors, the telecommunications contractors, our installation team, our warehoues team, etc. Your Expert Project Manager will make sure that everyone on this list has the right specs, knows the installation date, and sticks to it. Don't overlook the importance of this step - the #1 cause of installation disappointments is a lack of coordination and communication.

    Matt Benak

    Project Manager

    Matt is the consummate professional with nearly 20 years experience in project management. He knows all the current design trends, and is well-versed in ergonomics and interior commercial design (via AutoCAD). Matt is a superfan of most Bay Area sports teams and loves being outdoors when he’s not working.

    Joe Cain

    Project Manager

    Joe was a property inspector, real estate assistant and entrepreneur before joining our team in 2013. He excels at designing elegant interiors based on the client’s unique perspectives and goals. Joe’s exceptional communication skills and passion for his work are innate attributes he also utilized during his years as a soccer coach.

    Tess Cain

    Project Manager

    Tess’s diligence and organizational skills make her an invaluable asset to our company. She is a detail-oriented professional who creates personalized strategies for our clients’ individual brands. Tess has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and was President of the Women’s Club Soccer Team at Cal State Chico.

    Office Staff

    It takes a wide array of excellent people to make our business come together - accounting, billing, purchasing, administrative, supervisory, etc. We've spent more than 40 years building a great team and a great place to work, and we hope you can see that this is an important part of who we are and what we stand for.

    The folks below fill these various roles, working hard every day to deliver sustainable office furniture at discount prices.

    Bill Herndon

    Managing Director

    Bill started with the company as our Business Manager, and became Managing Director in January 2019. He has previously owned two small businesses and today is the accounting and logistic guru who makes the Eco Office engine run. Bill grew up in Southern California but raised his three boys in the SF Bay Area with his wife. He spends his off time playing piano, practicing martial arts, and wrestling with his German Shepards.

    Orlando Yuriar

    Operations Supervisor

    Orlando has his fingers on the pulse of everything that happens in our warehouses. He keeps the supply chain running smoothly by nurturing relationships with suppliers and overseeing day-to-day operations related to inventory. Orlando is a Harley Davidson man and also the grill master who makes our company cookouts memorable.

    Warehouse Team

    To make a really great finished product, there's a lot of work that happens at our warehouse to turn used office furniture into remanufactured office furniture.

    This work is done by a team of experienced, dedicated and hard-working warehouse staff. These people are the majority of our staff and the heart of our business, and they make it possible for us to offer you high quality office furniture at discount prices.

    This team performs several important functions, each inside their own department.

    1. Work Surfaces - these are the "desk" part of a cubicle. Our team cuts these down to size, cleans the surfaces, and adds new trim (these are also offered new).
    2. Refabrication - changing the fabric on a cubicle panel is perhaps the most important step of the remanufacturing process.
    3. Steam Cleaning - every panel that leaves our warehouse gets a full steam cleaning, wheter the fabric is new or "as-is".
    4. Cut-downs - Cut-downs are big part of the reason we have such a fantastic availability of cubicle walls. If we're short on one size that is smaller, we can create that size from larger panels or worksurfaces to help your order move quickly.
    5. Paint - we repaint all remanufactured office furniture - the majority of which is cubicles and filing cabinets.
    6. Installation Prep - it takes a sizable amount of effort and coordination to make sure the field installation team has all the parts and plans needed before they arrive at your location.

    The end result of all this is what makes our company special - an absolutely fantastic product, delivered consistently and at discount prices.

    Office Furniture Warehouse Team
    Office Furniture Warehouse Team
    Office Furniture Warehouse Team
    Office Furniture Warehouse Team
    Office Furniture Warehouse Team
    Office Furniture Warehouse Team

    Professional Installers

    What makes our business different is experience. It may seem that anyone can put together office furniture, and most people could certaintly get it done, but the devil is always in the details. Because all of our office furniture installers are company employees (not contractors or outside installation teams), they know our product, process and expectations very well. This matters a great deal to ensuring a satisfactory experience for you.

    For example, here are the things our people make sure to get right:

    1. Know The Product - if you hire a vendor who installs all sort of cubicles and may not have seen this particular product before, the results may be disappointing. Many of our installers have more than 10 years of experience installing the same quality product over and over. Experience leads to consistency.
    2. Leveling - whether it is desks, filing cabinets, or cubicles, a level surface that doesn't rock or wobble really matters to the person using it every day.
    3. Power - making sure that the right number of power ports are available, tested and spaced evenly is another important detail that our team makes sure to get right.
    4. Load Bearing - to properly make a cubicle wall stand up or a surface hold heavy objects, the necessary support legs, cantilevers and wall attachments are all important.

    Quality installation is a reflection of our commitment to fantastic customer service.

    Eco Office Furniture Truck
    Office Furniture Installation Team
    Office Furniture Installation Team
    Office Furniture Installation Team
    Office Furniture Installation Team
    Office Furniture Installation Team
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