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    Parts of a Cubicle

    Posted on 17th Dec 2017 in Cubicles

    If you're new to cubicles, it is helpful to understand the parts and pieces so you know what you want to order to make a complete cubicle. The basic building blocks of any cubicle are as follows.

    Cubicle Panels

    Cubicles Bay Area
    Which height is optimal? 35", 42", 48", 54", 62", 66", 80" (standard Haworth™ panel heights). The level of privacy or interaction required between employees will determine height. In general, taller panels are more expensive. You can easily mix panel heights within a given installation for functionality or aesthetic reasons.

    Work Surfaces

    Cubicles Bay Area
    24" deep or 30" deep? 24" deep is the most popular, however if the occupant needs extra space to lay out blueprints or large documents, 30" deep may be more appropriate. Is a corner work surface necessary for a computer monitor, or is a rectilinear ("L" shape) work surface configuration all that is needed? Corner work surfaces are typical in about 95% of the installations we do.


    Cubicles Bay Area
    Provides overhead storage for books or binders. Low versions are available where space is at a premium, and extra deep versions are available where maximum storage space is required. Most of the installations we do have at least one shelf per cubicle.

    Overhead Storage

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    Flipper doors turn a normal shelf into a lockable unit that can hide clutter at the end of the day. Typically most installations have one shelf and one flipper door per cubicle.

    Personal File Cabinets

    Cubicles Bay Area
    What mix of filing and collateral storage is needed? 3" high drawers are called "pencil" drawers and are good for storing pencils, pens and other small items. 6" high drawers are called "box" drawers and are good for storing larger desk accessories. 12" high drawers are called "file" drawers and are set up for filing regular or legal size Pendaflex folders. We can create any combination of the above drawers depending upon one's individual needs. Typically most cubicles are equipped with one (1) box/box/file pedestal file and one (1) file/file pedestal file.

    Pencil Drawers

    Cubicles Bay Area
    A small drawer that is typically installed beneath a corner work surface. Good for storing pencils, pens and other small items.

    Lateral Files

    Cubicles Bay Area
    Two drawer lateral files which fit under a work surface are typically used inside a cubicle only when the occupant has relatively large storage and filing requirements. If the filing space is not needed, they tend to steal valuable leg room, and thus are better suited to larger cubicles.

    Tack Boards

    Cubicles Bay Area
    A useful accessory to tack frequently used pieces of paper in a readily available location above the work surface. Usually placed above the two "return" work surfaces in each cubicle. You can tack papers directly onto Haworth™ panels without a tack board, however the surface is not intended to support a considerable amount of paper weight, and eventually the fabric will become tattered.

    Ergonomic Adjustable Keyboard Pad (AKP)

    Cubicles Bay Area
    Used to support a computer keyboard. Provides more work surface space for the occupant, as well as facilitating ideal ergonomic adjustment of keyboard.

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