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    3 Workplace Perks Being Implemented By Successful Companies

    Posted on 6th Apr 2019 in Ergonomic, Workplace Wellness

    Millennials and the iGen have changed the game when it comes to the office environment. Whether business owners like it or not, studies continually show that young workers aren't near as loyal as older generations and will quit at a moments notice. A vibrant, healthy work environment risky to keep workers happy and engaged. Here are three ideas to inject new life into your office.

    Meditation Rooms

    Many credit Steve Jobs, the late founder of Apple, for being the pioneer of workplace meditation rooms. His wedding was a Zen ceremony and he also befriended several monks. The company used to make employees take 30-minute meditation breaks in the early years. The results were so positive that Jobs ordered meditation rooms to be built in the company's offices across the globe.

    It didn't take long for this idea to spread around the business sector. Nike has relaxation rooms for employees to lie down, pray, meditate, and even take a nap. When AOL and Time Warner merged into one company, it also cut marketing and sales teams by 40%. That meant the remaining employees were working 60-plus hour weeks. The company provided actual meditation classes during the work day to help workers focus and relax.

    Yahoo!, Google, and Procter & Gamble also have some form of meditation rooms in their offices.

    Focus on Ergonomics

    A 2016 U.S. Chamber of Commerce study found that 117 million Americans have at least one chronic illness, accounting for three-quarters of all healthcare costs in the USA. Arthritis, sciatica and lower back pain are three common ailments that are all very preventable. Some in the medical industry say sitting is the new smoking, and many U.S. workers sit for eight or more hours per day. But how you sit and what you sit on makes all the difference in avoiding long-term damage to your body.

    A soft wellness program can consist solely of ergonomic office furniture. There are several items, including adjustable chairs, standing desks, and additional seat cushion. A combination of these items allows workers to sit in a way that is most comfortable for their unique body shape, which in turn reduces musculoskeletal stress.

    Monitors should be right in front of the eyes so workers do not have to turn or bend their necks in any way. Adjustable armrests on chairs allows the elbows and wrist to stay aligned all day, while the addition of a wrist rests for external mouses and keyboards keep the hands and fingers in a more natural position throughout the day.

    Home Away From Home

    The 21st century has brought with it a telecommuting trend. More workers are logging in and working from home either full-time or several days a week. Some get accustomed to being in their friendly confines and dread coming into the office for mandatory meetings and workdays. An inviting, pleasant atmosphere mitigates this issue.

    Bright colors and plants are the two universal signs of welcomeness. Coffee machines are common in break room. But add several kinds of tea, along with honey and lemon, so workers have some variety. While most office allow workers to place photographs on their desks, creative managers and business owners take said photos and get them silkscreened onto pillows and cushions.

    The most profitable companies attract and retain top talent. Make certain you offer perks specific to your company culture and worker needs.

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