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    4 Common Traits of Great Workplaces

    Posted on 7th Jul 2019 in Ergonomic, Office Culture, Workplace Wellness

    People who love their work tend to be happier overall in life. Unfortunately most Americans do not fit this mold.

    A study released late last summer by nonprofit business research firm The Conference Board found that only 51% of Americans are “overall satisfied” with their jobs. Minnesota had the highest overall job satisfaction rate (58%), displacing Texas as the top state from 2017. Gallup data from the same year did not make the situation sound any better - nearly 70% of American workers are completely disengaged in their jobs and simply show up for the paycheck.

    Workplaces of the 21st century force managers and business owners to walk that fine line as to what is the best for the company and what is best for the employees. But there are commonalities among successful companies that consistently rank high in employee satisfaction surveys. Here are four of them.


    “Money isn’t everything” is one of the most overused cliches in Western societal history. But that ad nauseam adage has more truth to it than ever in a current economy with strong job numbers and myriad opportunities for talented people.

    Recognition programs let workers know that their efforts are not being taken for granted and that the bosses are paying attention. Whether its simple company-wide emails acknowledging the hard work of standout employees or formal awards ceremonies, a little recognition goes a long way.


    Some of the most iconic songs in American history are about respect (thanks Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye). Humans innately want their due regard for accomplishments and even attempts at accomplishing difficult tasks.

    Respect is typically measured by office perks and benefits. Netflix and Google are the pioneers of parental leave in the USA; and thus offer employees a perk that is mandated by government in most countries around the world. Ergonomic Office Furniture, comfy lounge furniture, and even company-provided coffee and expresso show you care about the general well-being of your workers.

    Referral Programs

    It takes only one bad apple to destroy the bunch (more cliches). The best way to prevent tainting the workforce is referrals.

    A loyal, productive employee is very likely to only refer someone who they know would not only get along with the rest of the team, but who will also do their jobs well. Many U.S. companies offer referral rewards for employees who refer someone that ends up working for a certain period of time.

    Employee recruitment and software firm Jobvite found some even more intriguing data on referral hires. 67% of recruiters and human resources personnel said the recruiting process for referrals was both shorter and less expensive. Referral hires stayed with companies for one year or more at a 46% clip, versus only 22% of those hired from job boards, according to Jobvite.


    A common characteristic of companies with poor culture ratings on Glassdoor is poor upper management and distant HR teams. San Francisco-based Great Place To Work is responsible for the annual Fortune 100 "Best Companies To Work For" list.

    JM Family Enterprises (#17 on said list) has a 95% approval rating among its employees. Great Place to Work credits in part JM's "Ask Me Anything" forums. A senior leader at the company hosts an online Q&A that allows employees to ask and/or suggest anything without consequence. These types of events empower employees and let them know they are valuable beyond just their individual responsibilities.

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