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    4 home office additions for COVID-induced permanent telecommuters

    Posted by Samantha Johnson

    Posted on 30th Jul 2020 in Ergonomic, Office Whiteboards, Standing Desks, Workplace Wellness


    California would have the fifth-largest economy in the world if it was a sovereign nation. The Golden State has a larger gross domestic product than the United Kingdom and India. Unfortunately California gained a dubious distinction this week among the world's "countries" as well. The state has at least 473,785 confirmed coronavirus cases as of July 29, according to Johns Hopkins University data. That places California fifth among countries for COVID-19 cases. Only the whole USA, Brazil, India and Russia have more cases than California.

    The Bay Area has been hit particularly hard as of late. San Mateo County was added to the state's "watch list" this week. Thus all nine Bay Area counties are now being monitored, with over 50,000 total cases. San Mateo county supervisor David Canepa told KTVU Fox 2 that he hopes the designation is not drawn out too long, as it could destroy the local economy. NBC Bay Area is reporting a coronavirus outbreak at a Costco in Sunnyvale. Nine employees have tested positive for the virus as of publishing. The manager of said store confirmed that all infected workers have been quarantined and their work areas have been sanitized.

    California has been locked down for most of July, with no end in the foreseeable future. Many Bay Area companies are hunkering down for the long haul. Google recently announced that workers will telecommute at least through June 2021. Both Twitter and Facebook said some of their workers are now telecommuting indefinitely. Many companies across the Bay Area are following suit due to uncertainty, particularly after the state reopened and quickly shut back down just weeks later.

    Workers prefer telecommuting, especially those with young children at home. But others enjoy the autonomy, freedom and comfort of working in their PJ's. Now that your spare bedroom has turned into a home office, its time to make it feel that way.

    Sit-stand desk

    These are a bit pricey if you don't shop around. But one of the most common complaints from long-time telecommuters is complacency due to so much autonomy. Sit-stand desks are the perfect tool to get over those mid-day drowsy spells, particularly when deadlines are fast approaching. Standing up for work gets your blood flowing and even helps you burn a few extra calories throughout the day.

    Ergonomic chair

    Many COVID-forced telecommuters created makeshift workstations with items they already had around the house. Folding chairs and perhaps even stools are the most convenient and readily-available items for sitting. Do yourself, your back and overall well-being a favor with an ergonomic office chair. They support proper posture, along with correct hip and pelvis alignment. Ergonomic chairs also keep you from slouching and are height-adjustable for proper monitor-eye alignment.

    Natural light lamp

    Those with a lot of windows in their homes have the privilege of allowing natural sunshine inside for illumination. For others, natural light bulbs are the answer. Full spectrum light bulbs, also known as sunlight light bulbs, mimic the solar spectrum. The LED lights emit infrared and ultraviolet rays in small doses to truly feel like you're outside in the sun. The bulbs are pricey compared to regular LED bulbs. But your eyes and mood will thank you.


    There is no micro-managing boss looking over your shoulder all day. Inspiration and motivation are harder to come by when you must create it yourself. Office whiteboards are fun, creative tools that give you the opportunity to separate from your electronic devices. All your brainstorming, doodling and conceptualizing are done visually. Plus you can stick Post-it notes on your whiteboard to remind you of various tasks that must be done throughout the day.

    Eco Office has been open throughout the pandemic providing Bay Area companies essential products and services like plexiglass dividers and office partitions. We're also available to help you design and furnish your home office. Give us a call today at 408-437-1700 to discuss your needs.

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