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    Choosing a Whiteboard for the Office

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    Choosing a Whiteboard for the Office

    Office conferences and business meetings have come a long way from the quaint beginnings of the American economy. After positive feedback from new modes of delivering information and emerging technologies have helped employers to realize that there is a benefit to keeping employees engaged during meetings.

    Just look at the viral videos of popular informational speeches such as TED talks or the famous speeches from Steve Jobs. Audiences want to be informed and entertained at the same time. While your office might not be as interesting as the latest Apple Expo, there are ways to spruce up your next office meeting.

    One way to improve your office conference space is to invest in a whiteboard. Nowadays, they come in a variety of styles, sizes, and uses. Below we have compiled a list of some different whiteboards on the market today, so that you can find one that matches your office needs!

    Wall-Mounted Whiteboards

    The traditional whiteboard typically comes in square or rectangular shape, placed on a wall in the conference room. Whether big or small, these are reliable and easy to implement in any office. With a variety of set-up options, buyers can purchase something as temporary as a whiteboard sticker, or they can invest in a physical whiteboard that screws into the wall permanently.

    Movable Whiteboards

    If you want an option that is transportable for use in a variety of rooms or environments, then you may want to consider a movable whiteboard. Usually on wheels, these whiteboards set up easily and move on command.

    These can be especially helpful for small offices, as one whiteboard can be used in different areas.

    Glass Whiteboards

    As the newest trend on the market, glass whiteboards are becoming popular because they fit easily with any décor without immediately catching the eye of passerby. In contrast, the transparent surface adds increased emphasis to anything written directly on it. This helps to draw the eye of employees during regular business meetings.

    Office Whiteboard

    Whiteboards have a variety of uses outside of the meeting space as well. When used throughout the office, these areas can serve as communal announcement spaces, task reminders, or a fun creative space. Need some ideas? Here are a few options to consider:

    Whiteboard-laminated Cubicle Walls

    Office Whiteboard

    Adding this feature to individual cubicles serves as a great way for workers to personalize their spaces. They can use these whiteboards to jot down important reminders, sketch ideas, or draw creative designs. Workers can happily decorate their space without worry of placing anything permanent.

    Whiteboard-laminated Overhead Storage

    Office Whiteboard

    The overhead storage whiteboard makes for a simple way for the office community to make announcements or add a bit of fun in day-to-day activities. These whiteboards are often placed in cubicles or within the break room, making for a great place to display personal announcements, such as upcoming birthdays or outside activities.

    Each whiteboard design comes in different styles that fit a diverse budget, so anyone can implement them in their office. Feel free to use one or more to improve your workday!

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