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    Credenza desks: a home and traditional office furniture solution

    Posted by Bill Herndon

    Posted on 28th Sep 2020 in File Cabinets, Office Chairs, Office Desks


    The original and most common definition of credenza had little to do with office furniture or the workplace. The average person who is familiar with the term probably defines credenza as some type of sideboard in the dining room. The term credenza means "believe" in Italian. It's the fancy table or platform to display all the dishes and silverware that are ultimately used on the table to serve everyone.

    They are also referred to as buffets. Some people utilized them to store and display food. The credenza is also where food was stored before a peasant taste-tested it to ensure it wasn't poisonous. If the peasant did not die or get sick, the food was safe for serving to aristocrats. Credenzas are typically made of wood, with most of them designed in accordance with 18th and 19th century styles.

    A credenza is also referred to as a hutch in some applications. These are the additions placed on top of a counter, table or dresser. A hutch is the set of shelves, cabinets and mirrors on top of the base unit. They are typically made of wood and today fashioned in some sort of country cottage style or nouveau, sleek 21st century design. The modern hutch is also used a liquor compartment to create more space on the main surface for patrons.

    Credenza desks are additional work surfaces placed next to a desk or cubicle. They are typically positioned against the wall immediately behind the office chair so the user can easily reach it without getting up. Credenzas are placed away from the main desk, on opposite walls or far sides of the room when used for storage or some other purpose not immediately necessary to the user.

    Modern credenza desks

    The Bay Area is the world's technology hub and home to many tech giants. These companies are trendsetters in every sense of the word. Facebook normalized open office furniture layouts to facilitate collaboration and break down walls and barriers between workers. Granted open office is on the outs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But plexiglass shields and portable partitions are making open office possible for those working on-site.

    Credenzas today serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. The most expensive credenzas are multifunction desks, cabinets and facilitation units. Pull-out trays for printers, copiers and fax machines (for those still using them) are common among the most fancy credenzas. The simplest credenzas still add flair to any office, home or on-site. Units less than $150 are made of solid wood and stained to your preference. But wood isn't essential. The best-sellers on Amazon are made from different materials, particularly various polymers. This makes credenzas more lightweight and easier to move around from place to place within the office.

    Home office

    Credenzas are extremely popular in 2020 due to coronavirus lockdowns. Millions of office workers are now telecommuting full-time. Home office credenzas do not necessarily have to come from an online or brick-and-mortar store either. Many telecommuters re-purpose items already in their homes. Dining buffets and server tables are used by the most sophisticated individuals. Clear plastic drawers and old file cabinets can be repurposed for credenzas on a budget.

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