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    Furnishing a Small Break Room

    Posted on 11th Oct 2018 in Office Breakroom Furniture

    Furnishing a Small Break Room

    The office break room is one spot in the office made for getting away from work. As an employer, it important to create a warm space for employees to re-energize between long working streaks. Workers who take regular breaks during their shift are more likely to sustain a productive workflow throughout the day.

    But, you may be struggling to find an office furniture solution that fits within a small break room space. Not to worry, we have compiled a list of options to maximize the space that you have, while still offering a functional and relaxing atmosphere for your workers.

    Create a Barrier Between the Office and the Break Room

    The optimal solution would be to place the break room into its own section of the office, preferably with a door or some sort of wall between the relaxing space and the working space. This helps workers to mentally shut-off their brain and relax once they enter into that space. Think about it — if you are in another room, but you can still hear the phone ringing and the typing of other workers, how can you relax?

    If you don’t have the space for an entire break room to itself, be sure to use natural furniture set-ups to block off the break space from the office. You can do this with a strategically placed couch or file cabinet.

    Provide Refreshments and Snacks

    A coffee bar is a great and low-budget way to create meaningful interactions between employees. As they grab a cup of joe with a colleague, they are likely to strike up a conversation. Work environments with strong networks are key for a happy health office.

    Important to note: If you will be providing a coffee station, opt for an easy coffee solution that won’t get dirty as easily. A Keurig coffee maker in the office can be an easy way to combat this problem.

    Their company makes single serve coffee pods that allow each employee to make exactly one hot cup of coffee at a time and they come in a variety of flavors. To keep costs down, you can purchase a refillable coffee pod and use regular coffee grounds. As a bonus, Keurig has created a line of products made specifically for business.

    Functional Yet Comfortable Furniture

    The main functions of the office break room are eating and sitting down to relax. To support both of these activities, it is best to offer both a solid table for eating and comfortable furniture such as couches for relaxing.

    If you have a smaller office break room, you may not have room for both a table and a couch. In this case, it is best to go with a table and some comfortable chairs. That way, employees can eat lunch and remain seated to relax.

    Small Touches Go a Long Way

    When designing the break room, make sure that you are involving workers in the decision making process. Find out what they want in that space. By directly offering what they need, your employees will be more welcoming to the office set-up.

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