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    How to Ensure Your Furniture Installation Goes Smoothly

    Posted on 18th Jul 2018 in

    You finally took the plunge and purchased new office furniture. The office will get a makeover and productivity is set to increase with the more efficient workspaces. You can hardly wait to see the new layout. How can you ensure that your furniture installation goes as smooth as possible during delivery day?

    Assemble Yourself Or Pay a Professional?

    After purchasing new furniture, it doesn’t always come put together at your doorstep. You will have to decide whether you want to set up the pieces yourself or to hire an installer.

    While it may seem cost effective to put it together yourself, this only works if you order one or two pieces. Even then, a large reception desk or cubicle can take a while to complete.

    Hiring a professional installation team guarantees that the work will get done quickly and accurately. No worries about how many screws you need or which tools to bring. This is especially helpful for big office buildings or deliveries with different furniture pieces and sets.

    Moving Office Furniture

    Communicate with your Project Manager

    First, decide if you will be able to hire someone directly from the furniture company where you purchased the office equipment. Their workers will be more familiar with the products and they can assemble the furniture quickly, just as they have many times before.

    Talk to your Project Manager before delivery day. They will want to know if your office space has any obstacles they will have to overcome.

    Do you have an elevator or will they have to come up a narrow flight of stairs? Where will they be able to pull up the truck to unload? By talking with your team, these problems can be solved before the furniture arrives which reduces unnecessary down time.

    If possible, sketch out a plan for where you want the furniture to go within the office. This will also help your installation team when they bring up the furniture to strategically place it in the appropriate area.

    Modern Office Furniture

    Clean and Prepare the Office Space

    With your old furniture gone, now is the time to get that deep carpet cleaning or floor polish that you have put off. If you don’t plan on deep cleaning the space, you should at least try to vacuum or sweep the floor to the best of your ability before delivery day.

    Once your furniture is set up, you won’t be able to get under those spaces for a while.

    Clear the walkway and hallways of debris. Sure, it seems like the hallway has plenty of space with only a few boxes on the floor. These can be dangerous tripping hazards for people carrying cumbersome and heavy furniture pieces. Do yourself and your team a favor, and pick up everything off of the floor.

    A helpful tip: walk the route that your delivery team is likely to take and make a note of any sharp corners or tight spaces they may have to fit through. If there is anything you can do to eliminate these obstacles, your installation team will thank you.

    Delivery Day

    If you have communicated with your Project Manager, prepped the office, and removed any walking hazards, your job is nearly finished. When the team arrives, help them to the office space and make any last minute arrangements, but your goal for the day will be to remain out of the team’s way.

    Try not to bother them in the middle of working. They want to get the job done as quickly as possible to the best of their ability.

    Once the job is finished, thank your team for a job well done and enjoy your brand new office space!

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