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    How to Pick the Perfect Office Chair

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    Did you know that the average office chair can come with over thirty customizable options? You can change everything from the color, seat height, lumbar support, base material, and more.

    With the different choices, even a Google search for “Office Chair” returns over 838,000,000 results over the world. The list of options may seem long, boring, and unnecessary, but learning about these features can help you to pick a chair that is comfortable and tailored for your work style.

    For example, do you work on the computer all day? You may want a chair that is rated to withstand a full day’s workload of up to 8 hours. Other chairs are built for short-term comfort over function, for those who just want a chair to sit in for short meetings, etc.

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    Here is a short list of the most prevalent features you may find on your next office chair.

    Lumbar Support

    Lumbar support typically refers to the back part of the chair that cradles against your lower back or “lumbar”. If your back is not supported properly, you put yourself at risk for serious back and health issues later in life. This is why many workers who sit for long periods during the day opt for ergonomic furniture that is built to maintain proper structure within the body.

    According to, the back of your chair should be flush with the lower back and keep the spine in a neutral position. When properly positioned, the site states that you should experience the following benefits:

    • Alignment of the ears, shoulders, and pelvis
    • Maintained neutral posture and curvature of the spine

    Such a small decision in the purchase of your chair will benefit you for the rest of your like.

    Chair Arms

    The height, width, and material that your chair arms are made from is a key feature for laptop users or for workers who tend to support their arms on the arm rests during the day. Consider the shape and size of your own body when deciding upon this feature.

    Do you use the arms frequently throughout the day? If so, then you may want to purchase a chair with a wide and cushioned set of arm rests. These can be made of soft leather, stuffing, or even foam.

    Office Chairs


    Arguably the most important feature of the chair is the seat. While there are obviously different materials to choose from here, did you know that there are a wide variety of chair styles as well?

    Some chairs feature a seat that is flatter, while others offer an angled seat which adjusts up or down according to personal preference. Another choice to make is on the size of your chair base. A smaller chair may be more maneuverable for the employee who moves a lot around the office, such as a secretary or file clerk.

    Last but not least, you want to make sure that your chair is cushioned the way you like it. A chair that is too soft may wear down easier over time, causing problems in the future, while a chair that is too hard will cause immediate back and thigh pain after little use.

    Try Out Chairs To Find One You Like

    The best way to find out which features you like is going to be trying them out in person. The next time you are in a furniture store, try out different styles to see which chairs you like the best. Find out what features they have in common and keep that in mind when buying your next chair.

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