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    Organizing Furniture With Power Supply In Mind

    Posted on 15th Jan 2019 in Cubicles, Office Desks, Open Office Furniture, Standing Desks, Desking and Benching

    Organizing Furniture With Power Supply In Mind

    Businesses around the world use technology to get work done. Between phone lines, computer set ups, printers, fax machines, and other electronics, every office needs to keep their power supply needs in check. Each device requires another cable or wire to be plugged in. Even if each desk only has one computer and a phone line, that can equal a large amount of cables to manage.

    Luckily, there are a few solutions to this recurring problem. When configuring your office space, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

    Make a List of Your Office Equipment

    Before starting any office re-arranging, you need to know just how many outlets, cords, and wires you will have at each desk space. Your web developer in the back might need more cords than the sales team. Once you know that everyone needs, you can plan ahead to fit the needs of each employee and department.

    Utilize an Open Space Layout

    Employers state that open space layouts help with creativity and communication in the work place. While there are several sides to this debate, one avenue that goes un-talked about is the ease of cord management in an open space. With several desks lined up, management can easily set up a row of cables and power outlets that neatly organize a group of desks.

    If you have individual smaller desk spaces, this can be difficult as each desk will have to be wired on its own.

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    Hire a Professional

    It may seem silly to hire a professional to help you with your office organization, but project managers who specialize in this space can do more than you think. They are able to organize desks according to multiple needs and they can optimize the space to suit the structure of your organization.

    With years of experience, they know how to group workers and desks in an efficient way. Whether you are re-arranging an office or you are just moving into a new space, these professionals can help. Find a reputable project manager at your local furniture store.

    Tip: Plan on purchasing reused furniture? A project manager can use their interior design skills to find a unique and visually appealing look for the space using your existing furniture!

    Wire Management

    Keep those wires in an easy to access space that is guarded from everyday wear and tear. If you have a desk pushed near a wall, use this space to guard cords from being trampled or pulled on. Employees don’t want to fumble around with cords under their desk space, so be sure to push them as far back as you can.

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    There are specially made desks that come with a hole or two in the top back of the furniture. This hole serves as an access route for cords and cables on their way to the outlet. The hole comes in handy because you don’t have to worry about pushing the desk too far back against the wall, causing damage to cords.

    Cord management and power supply organization is a small thing that can make a huge difference in day to day office operations. If done right, it will be something that goes unnoticed. Do it wrong, and your employees will have to deal with a small annoyance every day.

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