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    Where to Buy Used Office Furniture in San Francisco?

    Posted on 3rd Dec 2018 in

    Residents around San Francisco pay a big price to live in this gorgeous city on the water. They often pay high rent to enjoy the bay, delicious food, nightlife, and the view of the Golden Gate Bridge. If you own an office in or around the city, you know that the costs associated with doing business can be extensive. In an effort to save some money, many business owners decide to purchase used or refurbished furniture to outfit their offices.

    This solution is great for two reasons:

    • Used furniture is cheap on the wallet. New chairs, desks, and file cabinets can add up quickly in terms of budget. Purchasing items second hand will save a lot of money in the future.
    • By opting to reuse furniture, you are doing your part to reduce the enormous amount of furniture waste that ends up in landfills across the country. Give a piece of furniture a longer lifespan is good for you and good for the environment.

    Now that you know you want to buy used furniture, where can you go?

    Garage Sales

    If you have a smaller office to outfit, then you may be able to scout local garage sales until you find a couple of desks and chairs that suit your needs. Be sure to check each piece for damage or scratch marks before you negotiate the final price.


    • Cheapest Method
    • Price Is Negotiable
    • Unique Pieces
    • No Middleman


    • Limited Selection
    • Takes Time to Travel from Sale to Sale
    • Prices May Vary

    Used Office Furniture

    Ebay / Craigslist / Re-sale Apps

    Unlike the garage sale option, resale website and apps can offer a view of the product before you purchase it. This option works well for those who don’t want to spend the extra time searching separate garage sales and prefer to travel directly for one item that they know they want.


    • Previews of the item before purchase
    • Negotiation can happen before you travel to pick up the piece
    • You can mix and match items from separate sites that go well together


    • Some sellers still prefer to negotiate in person
    • Items may look different in person compared to their online photos
    • Sellers may change their mind quickly depending on who bids the most, raising your costs or instigating a bidding war

    Used Office Furniture

    Used Office Furniture Businesses

    Used furniture stores can be a great option when looking for your next set of office equipment, because they offer a wide selection at great prices. There is no need to search various websites or drive across town to find the desk that you need. This option is especially great for large businesses, as a used furniture store will have access to multiple desks and chairs that match.


    • Largest selection of used furniture compared to other methods
    • All products housed in one location
    • Guaranteed quality and refurbished products
    • Other professional services may be offered, such as delivery, project management, or interior design


    • If you know you can do most of the work yourself, you may still want the option to search various apps and sites.

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