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    #WorldSpineDay: Ergonomic Office Furniture Preserves Your Back

    Posted by Brian Wilkins

    Posted on 16th Oct 2019 in Ergonomic, Workplace Wellness


    The Toronto-based World Federation of Chiropractic aimed to raise awareness about spinal health and related disorders. It joined forced with over 200 organizations, including Financial District Chiropractic in San Francisco, and started World Spine Day in 2012. This year marks the eighth World Spine Day, which takes place every October 16.

    The American Chiropractic Association estimates that 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain is the third-most common reason people visit doctor’s offices, according to the Mayo Clinic. Events are taking place across the globe today to educate the public on spinal health and mitigating back pain.

    Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minn. officially recognized World Spine Day on its campus. Mayor Gene Winstead read the proclamation from a podium. A student of NWHSU is holding yoga sessions on campus today for anyone to attend. Athena Chiropractic in Wilmington, Delaware, is holding an open house hosted by chiropractors and other healthcare experts. Livingston Chiropractic Clinic in Livingston, Texas, is raffling off several items throughout the day on Facebook Live for World Spine Day awareness.

    Standing vs. Sitting

    World Spine Day events are particularly important in under-served regions with little to no access to modern back pain treatments. But education and self-awareness are key for everybody as it relates to spinal health and quality of life. Many Bay Area offices have added standing desks to their workspaces. Standing desks help mitigate potential back issues by getting workers on their feet and burning a few extra calories.

    Companies that are not ready for the standing desk revolution are investing in ergonomic office furniture, particularly ergonomic office chairs. The benefits far outweigh the costs.

    Benefits of Ergonomic Office Furniture

    Bad posture is one of the leading causes of chronic lower back pain. Ergonomic office chairs have several features that encourage correct posture. But knowing how to sit properly is necessary to reap the full benefits of ergonomic office chairs.

    Keyboards should be at arms-length away from you. Your arms and the floor should be parallel. Your eyes should be at the same level as the top of your computer monitor. This eliminates stress on your neck. Do not slouch. Make a conscious effort to sit up straight at all times. Sit with both feet on the floor. Crossing your legs slows blood flow, which leads to muscle aches and foot pain.

    Ergonomic office chairs are height and width-adjustable to fit all body types. Lumbar support (back rest) is the most important feature. Quality ergonomic office chairs have adjustable back rests that help keep your legs at an 80-90 degree angle. Backrests should also follow the natural S-curve of the spine. Adjustable arm rests alleviate upper body tension by allowing your arms to relax in a fixed position.

    Increased Productivity and Engagement

    Comfortable workers are more productive workers. A 2003 study by the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research in Kalamazoo, Mich., monitored 200 government workers. One group received ergonomics training. Another group received ergonomics training and furniture. The remainder were the control group. The ergonomic chairs with training group was 17.5% more productive than the other groups. The study also concluded that the benefits of chair with training was 25 times higher than the associated costs.

    #WorldSpineDay brings awareness to a vital organ in the body that is often taken for granted. Eco Office project managers understand the benefits of ergonomic office furniture and the detrimental effects on the spine related to poor posture. Give us a call at 510-369-3458 to discuss bringing ergonomics to your office. #GetSpineActive

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