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    Used Cubicles

    Learn how we restore used cubicles

    1. Reclaim unwanted cubicles, saving them from the landfill
    2. Store the cubicles in our massive warehouse until a customer is ready to buy them
    3. Clean it and sell some of it "as is"
    4. Refurbish the rest - paint it, and put new fabrics on to suit the customer's specifications
    5. Sell it at discount prices vs. new
    6. Save money, and save the world

    Used Cubicles Help Save the Environment

    The vast majority of our customers report that they cannot tell the difference between our remanufactured cubicles and new cubicles. Best of all, they save a ton of money and save the environment while they're at it.

    Reclaim Used Office Furniture

    Save It From The Landfill

    When businesses move, their used cubicles often end up unwanted. This can be for a variety of reasons - a dated style, poorly suited for the new space, a desire to change it up, etc.

    At the exact same time, there are thousands of customers looking to buy new office furniture. These customers have their own requirements - it must be this size, this height, this color, this fabric.

    The first step in the process is to save the used cubicles from the landfill. This is not easy - it requires getting in touch with the people getting rid of them, arranging to pick them up before the move-out date, and finding a place to store them until a new customer can be found. That's where Eco Office comes in!

    Want to sell your office furniture? Contact us today.

    Store Used Office Furniture

    Store It

    In order to make the whole process work, you have to store A LOT of used cubicles, sometimes for a very long time. This is why scale matters - we have more than 30,000 feet of warehouse space and have tens of thousands of pieces of used office furniture in stock.

    During this time, we may also cut down larger work surfaces or panels to make smaller sizes -- this is what allows us to remain flexible and meet customer demands for unique configurations.

    Clean Used Office Furniture

    Clean & Sell Some "As Is"

    Some customers want the most affordable option possible -- 100% used cubicles. This is what we call "AS IS" office furniture. That means we reclaim it, steam clean it, do some light touch up, and it goes out the door at a fantastic price. For small business owners or those just starting out, this is a unique and valuable option, especially when combined with a large selection and options for new office furniture like private office furniture, office chairs , conference tables, and office desks.

    We sell all types of used office furniture in "AS-IS" configurations, including cubicles, file cabinets, some desks, etc.

    Put new fabric on Used Office Furniture

    New Fabric

    Most customers don't typically think "used office furniture" because they think it will have to be taken as is. This isn't true! Remanufactured means we turn used cubicles into a product that most people think is completely new! For cubicles and workstations, most of the appearance is in the fabric that's on the cubicle walls. We are set up with dozens of choices for new fabric, which allow us to take a variety of used cubicles and turn them into a custom solution for you with a uniform fabric color, still at a substantial discount vs. new.

    This option is massively popular with our customers because it combines the best of both worldds - a custom solution at a discount price, with no discernible drop in quality.

    Paint used office furniture

    New Paint

    The last step is new paint. Our customers often comment that they were surprised to see a dramatic difference in appearance with a fresh coat of paint.

    Our paint booth is in operation all day, every day, because it is one of the main things that turns used office furniture into like-new office furniture.

    Save money on discount used office furniture

    Save Money, Save The World

    This is the fun part about the office furniture business - saving money AND saving the environment.

    Many of our customers find themselves asking why anyone would buy new office furniture when such an affordable and compelling option is available. Of course, we agree!

    Thanks for taking the time to visit us here on the web. If you're ready to get started, speak to one of our expert project managers today.

    Can you tell the difference?

    Everything you see below was once used cubicles, and is now remanufactured cubicles.

    Used Cubicles
    Used Cubicles
    Used Cubicles
    Used Cubicles
    Used Cubicles
    Used Cubicles
    Used Cubicles
    Used Cubicles
    Used Cubicles
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