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    3 Differentiators in Eco Office vs. Bay Area Office Furniture Competition

    Posted by Samantha Johnson

    Categories: Desking and Benching, Open Office Furniture


    The San Francisco Bay Area was home to 18 Fortune 500 companies in 2018, according to 24/7 Wall Street. San Francisco was named the hottest startup city by Inc. magazine in 2019, boasting three-year revenue growth rate of 413%. But there’s only so much space available in the Bay Area. Companies must team with the right office designer to maximize productivity within their walls and budget.

    Eco Office serves clients from San Jose to Napa, ranging from small 10-employee offices to entire floors in downtown San Francisco skyscrapers. There are several Bay Area companies that design and outfit offices. Our team and workflows differ due to innovative office design technology and good old fashioned hard work. We also offer options and extras that the competition does not.


    Most office furniture sellers and space planners have limited options. They offer desking and benching systems, but only offer them brand new or used. Open office workspaces are the popular trend of 2019. But smaller companies are on tighter budgets and need more options to get the look and feel that defines their brand. That's where Eco Office has made its name.

    "A lot of the competitors don’t have the choices we can offer," Project Manager Matt Benak said. "Some offer the ability to flip inventories - meaning pick up at one location, store, and then re-sell. Some offer new options only. We can help more of the consumers on the market because of our versatility."

    Eco Office offers new, used and refurbished equipment and furniture. Project managers learn client goals and present them all available options, whether it new equipment, used or a combination of both.


    Office design was a time-consuming process 10 years ago. It required a lot of travel and tedious hand drawings that weren't always 100% accurate based on available space. Today the process is fun and engaging for both project managers and clients.

    "We create detailed layouts compatible with Auto CAD," Project Manager Joe Cain said. "This allows us to provide clients 3D layouts and zoomed-in details before we start the build process."

    Benak is a big fan of GIZA, a design and specification software that easily integrates with modeling app Tekla Structures.

    "GIZA allows us to produce accurate renderings of the space in both 2D and 3D settings," Benak said. "Clients who are visual learners really like it too because it assists them in making decisions. Our product lines come in so many variations. We're able to show the client, not just tell them."

    Active Blogging

    Eco Office publishes an average of eight blog posts per month. Of course there are marketing and SEO reasons for blogging. But we also understand the human element. Consumers trust blogs. A company blog provides potential clients and everyone else free and engaging content. We typically write about office furniture trends, scientific studies related to office furniture, and general happenings in the Bay Area. It's simply an additional benefit that none of our top competitors offer.

    Planning an office remodel or new build? Give us a call today at 408-437-1700 to talk about all your available options.


    Samantha Johnson is a freelance writer and editor. She lives in Sacramento with her husband, daughter, and two cats. Samantha writes for several retailers and mommy bloggers, and runs an e-commerce store.

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