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    4 Office Layouts For Companies On A Budget

    Posted on 29th Apr 2019 in Office Culture, Office Furniture Industry

    It’s likely you’re one of those office managers or business owners who have clicked through hundreds of Pinterest photos showing some really cool office spaces. Granted most of these photos are doing to exceed the budgets of most companies. But there are numerous used office furniture options that can greatly mitigate costs, while helping you create the office perfect for your brand and culture.

    Here are four ideas and tools for changing your office environment without breaking the bank.

    Lighting-Centered Offices

    Whether you choose to replace curtains with blinds (to block out early-morning bright, hot sun from the east) or just replace all light bulbs with higher wattage ones; turning your office into a light-centered space is cheap and easy. Lighting and mirrors give the office more energy and life. Further, there are studies that have shown that workers exposed to natural light sleep better at night and are overall more healthy than workers in dark spaces.

    Make natural light the primary theme, but supplement it with a solid lighting plan for those gloomy days and for those in the Pacific Northwest.

    Recharge Space

    Tech companies, law firms and other high-stress offices have adopted recharge layouts for their workspaces. This spaces look more like the hipster cafes in the San Francisco Bay Area then they do office settings. Recharge spaces have room dividers that turn one large space into several spaces specifically for eating, for meetings, and just for relaxation.

    The entire office does not have to be a recharge space, however. Some companies convert walk-in closets and conference rooms to recharge spaces. Bean bags, futons for power naps, and yoga mats are common in these rooms. Some have video game systems as well. The color schemes and wall art are always vibrant, and provide a mental escape for anyone in the room.

    Team-Designed Office Space

    There is always a more intimate attachment to something you built yourself: a house you built from scratch, a painting, a sculpture, etc. Allowing your team to provide input on an office re-design or initial build not only gets and keeps everyone engaged, but also provides validation in the idea that each workers’ words and ideas matter to the company.

    The overall layout should be a collaborative effort, with everyone suggesting ideas and an anonymous voting process so nobody feels shunned. Create general guidelines for personal workspaces, but still allow everyone to decorate their desks as they wish.

    SketchUp and other tools

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see what your office would look like if you rearranged the furniture a certain way, without actually rearranging anything? Those going with the team-designed or any other office layout can use one of these tools as a collaboration hub.

    SketchUp is an online design tool that allows you to create 3D office layouts with minimal tech experience. The program has a large virtual inventory of various pieces of office furniture and other items so you can match everything up as close as possible. The layout is fully customizable so you can recreate your office space with the exact dimensions of every wall, chair, desk and plant used for decoration.

    Homestyler is another 3D layout and design tool. Like SketchUp, it has a free version that gives access to all the basics. Planner 5D and Planning Wiz are two others to consider. Play around with all of them to see which one you’re most comfortable and confident using. You shouldn’t need to pay for any of these tools unless you are doing some really high-level designing.

    Have any questions about used office furniture and office layouts? Give a call during regular business hours at 510-369-3458 and one of our representatives will happily assist you.

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