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    Best Materials for Your Executive Desk

    Posted on 9th Aug 2018 in Office Desks, Standing Desks

    As the main piece of furniture in your office, the desk performs a multitude of functions -- from organizing your files in drawers, to making a statement with the design, and of course, providing a sturdy work space for the busy day.

    If you are in the market for a new desk, take a moment to decide what the main function of your desk will be. A Creative Marketing Director might want a desk that is trendy or stands out to make an impression. A lawyer on the other hand, might prefer a darker wood desk that makes a statement of sturdiness and reliability.

    Composite and Laminate Desks

    These desks tend to use a mixture of cheaper materials to create a desired effect, while decreasing budget or overall weight of the item. Desks in this category include any type of plywood with a laminate coating added to the outside.

    Often times, these materials are cheaper to manufacture and the cost of the desk matches accordingly. While these may be easy on the wallet, take care because these types of furnishings do not last as long as a desk made of metal, wood, or a sturdier material.

    Another upside to these office furnishings is that they are easy to assemble and the market is flooded with a wide range of styles to fit every need. Unfortunately, this can impact the environment with the amount of waste from so many disposable items. Try looking into a local furniture refurbishing company, who can supply you with quality desks that are recycled.


    Incorporating metal furniture into your office can create a fashionable or updated look to your space. This look works especially well in manufacturing environments, as it provides a sleek accent to the furniture that separates it from the surrounding machinery.

    In terms of durability, these desks are the longest lasting with the proper care and upkeep. Easy to clean, a quick wipe down is all you need to clear away any spills or messes. You also don’t have to worry about nicks or scratches on the surface like you would a wood table.

    Metal furnishings come in different styles and they range in both weight and price, so if you are looking for something a little less traditional, this might be the way to go!


    Now that we have covered both the conventional and unconventional desk types, it is time to discuss the wooden executive desk. This long-standing tradition has stood the test of time because wood desks are strong, durable, and beautiful!

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