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    Computer Desks: Choosing The Right One For Your Job

    Posted on 10th Apr 2019 in Office Desks, Standing Desks

    A 2017 study by the Brookings Institute found that the use of digital tools, particularly laptop computers, has increased dramatically in 517 of 545 surveyed occupations since 2002. Construction laborers, personal aides, security guards and even cooks now need adequate, if not substantial, digital knowledge to do their everyday jobs.

    Whether you have a single-person home office or manage hundreds of employees, there is going to be a need for computer desks. Investing in the right computer desks for your company and individual needs not only will increase efficiency, but save you money in the long run by avoiding upgrades that should have been considered in the original plans.


    Of course this will be the most important, and likely deciding factor, when it comes to your computer desk purchases. Used furniture stores typically offer bulk discounts if you purchase several of the same desk. But don't let money influence the entire process. Ultimately you need computer desks that are both functional for your needs and enhance the overall office atmosphere. Some may choose wooden desks to accent other furniture in the room. Others may want glass desks for a more modern look. Desks that need assembling are likely to be the least expensive, but also the lowest quality.

    Surface and Storage Needs

    Writers, graphic designers, engineers and others in highly digitized occupation likely use two or more monitors to complete their work. That means you need a desk with adequate space for all of them, and also room for you to scoot your chair as needed. Video editors also need speakers and perhaps other audio equipment.

    The L-shaped computer desks serve two purposes. One, you can place them in corners flush to save space. Second, there is plenty of space for multiple monitors and other equipment, along with adequate wiggle room. Some desks have pull-out surfaces that allow you to create more desktop space when necessary and hide it away when you don't need it.

    Drawer and compartment placement are a couple other things to consider. Some like to hide the computer tower away. Those with Apple desktop computers, of course, don't need this. Wood is typically going to be the heaviest option so take that into consideration when making your final decision.

    DIY Options

    Youtube and 3D printers provide any amateur "maker" to build and/or repair just about anything they can imagine. Building your own computer desk can be a weeks-long art project or a few hours makeshift task.

    Several studies have been published in the last couple years showing that long-term sitting is detrimental to human health in many ways. A standing desk can be as simple as placing an adjustable office chair on top of a table or desk. Place your laptop on the elevated chair and you have a standing desk. Another option is to place your laptop and other equipment on top of a dresser. The drawers could then be used to store office supplies.

    Folding desks save space and allow you to use said space for other purposes when you're not working. A piece of plywood and door hinges can be combined to create a folding desk on any wall. Make certain to add additional supports to minimize the risk of damaging plaster walls from the weight.

    If you have any questions about computer desks, give us a call during regular business hours at 408-437-1700 or use the contact form in the top menu.

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