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    Cubicle Design 101: Let Us Guide The Process

    Posted on 2nd May 2019 in Cubicles, Open Office Furniture

    The United States was once a hub for manufacturing, which meant many workers made a living in that sector. Federal Reserve data show that 30% of American non-farm jobs were in the manufacturing sector in 1949. When you combined those workers with retail, mining, construction and hospitality, that meant more than 60% of American workers were on their feet, moving around for most of their workdays. Manufacturing jobs account for only about 8% of all jobs today, the lowest ever. More than 86% of Americans sit all day for their jobs in 2019.

    It isn't enough to just have a table and chair for workers in the 21st century. Low unemployment rates, combined with a global marketplace, means companies must go the extra mile to lure and retain the best talent. Moving into a new office space typically means starting from scratch as it relates to office furniture and seating. This is especially true in Silicon Valley and the greater Bay Area, where companies are constantly trying to one-up one another when it comes to benefits and perks.

    An empty office is an opportunity to choose the cubicle design and style that fits your brand and company culture. Not sure where to start? The professionals at Eco Office guide you through the entire process.

    Cubicle Types

    Traditional cubicles are typically found in banking, financial, medical and other industries dealing with sensitive customer information. They provide some privacy, in that each cube is surrounded by walls that are anywhere from 4-5 feet high. Workers are concealed from snooping eyes while sitting, except the opening to get in and out. Due to flexibility in sizing each cube, the traditional route is also good for design and engineering firms that need a lot of space for tools and additional monitors.

    Small cubicles have been the go-to setup for telemarketing operations, collections, customer service and other industries with workers that take high volumes of phone calls everyday. These provide more privacy than traditional cubicles due to the enclosed design of each workspace. Small cubicles are also best for lowering noise in call centers where everyone is talking at once.

    The open office floor plan is quite popular in today's workplace. The idea is to remove walls and dividers between workers and supervisors for a more collaborative, communal environment. We have several different open office designs depending on number of employees and your personal preferences. Everything is fully customizable from the fabrics and colors, to the height of any and all potential barriers between workstations.

    Delivery and installation

    Business owners and managers have plenty on their plates already and should not have to expend much time and effort on cubicle design and installation. A dedicated project manager is the single point of contact for all Eco Office clients. Your project manager draws up floor plans, helps you pick colors and fabrics, provide a quote, and install date. Its typical for your new cubicles to be installed in two weeks or less from the time of your first contact with us.

    Getting Started

    Check out some of our previous cubicle installations in the Bay Area. Keep in mind, all installations are fully customizable. Once you have an idea of what you want, give us a call at 510-369-3949. You may also schedule an appointment online via our contact form. Feel free to come visit our showroom and warehouse, and meet the team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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