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    Ergonomic Office Furniture for Software Developers

    Posted on 27th Oct 2018 in Cubicles, Office Desks, Open Office Furniture, Ergonomic

    Among the large software companies in Silicon Valley and cities across the nation, software developers enjoy a wealth of amenities, from in-house coffee bars to ping pong tables to free massages. While these luxuries may be great in the short term, they don’t address the main problem facing professionals in this industry — long-term effects of time spent sitting at a computer.

    Everyone knows that sitting at a computer for long periods of time can be detrimental for your health, but some careers can’t avoid long hours at their desks. Software developers and IT professionals are routinely tied to their computers for all of their daily tasks. There are some simple ways for them to decrease damage done by excessive sitting, but the number one way to avoid health problems is to invest in ergonomic office furniture.

    With a few small adjustments, you can turn any office into an ergonomically friendly office environment. The best part is that these changes can be done on a budget, with various companies offering refurbished and used office furniture.

    Proper Desk Chair

    For anyone working directly on their computer or laptop, their chair needs to accomplish the following:

    • Keep the neck straight
    • Support the upper and lower back
    • Encourage a natural curvature of the spine

    Make sure your chair is has a comfortable seat with a strong sturdy back. One feature that is often overlooked is the curve of the chair. It needs to be straight enough to discourage slouching, but curved enough to mirror the curve of the spine.

    Ergonomic Office Furniture for Software Developers

    Standing or Adjustable Desk

    Health experts recommend that workers who spend most of the day on their computers should get up and move around at least once an hour to get blood flowing throughout the body. Standing desks can help to increase blood flow by positioning your computer at a taller height, so you can stand and type, rather that sit.

    Users who are turned off by the idea of standing all day need not worry, because adjustable desks can be adjusted easily throughout the day. Users can stand for part of the day and sit for another period as they see fit. Some of these adjustable desks even have pre-set heights, meaning you can go from your ideal sitting to standing positions with the press of a button.

    Ergonomic Office Furniture for Software Developers

    Articulating Monitor Arms

    An articulating monitor arm is a movable stand that holds your computer screen. Users can adjust the height and position of the arm to ensure that the screen is directly in front of their eyes, no matter if they are sitting or standing. Paired with a standing desk, for example, this set-up guarantees a healthy screen height for working.

    Ergonomic Office Furniture for Software Developers

    Adjustable Keyboard Tray

    Similar to the monitor mentioned above, the adjustable keyboard tray serves as a movable support system for one’s computer keyboard. By elevating the keyboard or adjusting the angle of typing, users can soften the effects of carpal tunnel and wrist injuries with this system.

    Software and IT jobs are increasing exponentially every year. If we aren’t careful now, we will have a generation of workers with body aches and problems that could have easily been avoided.

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