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    Making The Most Of Small Office Spaces

    Posted by Bryan Wilkenson

    Posted on 26th Jul 2019 in Office Culture, Office Furniture Industry


    Bay Area office space has always been pricey. But premiums today have reached levels not seen since the dot-com boom at the turn of the millennium. Renting office space in San Francisco’s central business district will set you back $81.25 per square foot as of Q3 2018, according to data compiled by brokerage house Cushman & Wakefield. That number surpassed the previous record high of $80.16 per square foot in Q4 2000.

    The upward price trend can be attributed to the ever-blurring border between what used to be Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Top talent for billion-dollar tech companies want to live and work in the city without the long commutes. LinkedIn Vice President Jim Morgenson told the San Francisco Chronicle that lowering commute times was the primary reason his company moved 1,500 employees from it Mountain View office to the 222 Second Street tower in San Francisco.

    High demand for Bay Area real estate and hefty price tags present challenges for expanding companies needing to accommodate new team members. Creativity and technology help overcome those impediments.

    Complete Transformations

    Its not uncommon for a startup to lease or purchase a building that used to be a restaurant or bar. These types of dwellings were built for specific purposes that do not include engineering, marketing and coding. Matt Benak, a project manager for Eco Office, noted how clients have needed office spaces designed around odd areas, including warehouses and other large storage spaces.

    "This challenges our creativity as designers, which is fun for us," Benak said. "There are so many ways to use and design our modular furniture. I would have never thought of some of the configurations I’ve created without these parameter challenges."

    Joe Cain, another project manager for Eco Office, spoke of challenges related to accommodating 3-4 people in a space that is meant for only one or two people.

    "As space continues to get more and more valuable, management is trying to fit at many people into a space as possible," Cain said. "I create a layout and recommend a number of seats that will comfortably fit in the space. If they decide to add more stations, we will accommodate but I will be sure to explain the pros and cons of that sort of arrangement."

    Technology Aids Creativity

    The best way to ensure clients get exactly what they envision is by showing them the setup before installation. Interior design software allows project managers to create detailed layouts compatible with AutoCAD, a computer-aided design and drafting application by San Rafael-based Autodesk. The software gives designers the ability to present 3D layouts and zoomed-in details to clients based on their specification.

    "Our product lines come in so many variations," Benak said. "To be able to show this to the client, in a relatively accurate format, can make or break a deal. The renderings are great for people who are visual learners and aids them in making decisions."

    Whether you're looking for executive office chairs for the C-level crew or an entire office design for a 2,000 square foot space, the Eco Office team has you covered. Call 408-437-1700 to speak with a project manager. You may also use the contact form in the top menu bar.


    Bryan is a freelance writer and digital nomad. He owns a content marketing company and runs it from his RV. Bryan has worked in journalism and content marketing for over 20 years.

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