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    Open Office Furniture - Pros and Cons

    Posted on 5th Jan 2018 in Open Office Furniture

    Considering an open office layout for your new office?

    You're not alone, and there's no doubt that there are some signifcant benefits to this approach. Let's take a look at some of the arguments for and against.

    Pros of Open Office Layouts

    Maximizes Space Efficiency

    Especially here in the Bay Area, office space is expensive. If you're looking to get the most out of each expensive square foot, an open floor plan is a great solution. If you need help with the floor plan, take a look at our space planning services, or browse our open office furniture gallery.

    Promotes Collaboration

    Many people thrive off collaboration. When they have a great idea or need help on a project, having a coworker nearby can help move things along, provide key insight, and reduce communication barriers. You can set up different levels of collaboration and privacy with different types of office furniture, which helps you tune the layout to your company's needs.

    Saves Money

    Especially when compared with private offices, an open office floor plan can be much, much less expensive in both construction costs and office furniture. It's an ideal choice for small or startup companies where the budget is an especially important consideration.

    Cons of Open Office Layouts


    Ringing cell phones, noisy copiers, loud coworkers, and impromptu meetings can all contribute to an especially distracting level of noise. This is particularly true in offices with concrete floors and ceilings, which amplify and reflect noise particularly well as compared with carpeted areas. You may wish to consider room dividers as a way to reduce this problem.

    Lack of Privacy

    Not everyone thrives in a free flowing environment. Some types of workers have reported feelings of anxiety and frustration with constant interruptions and a seemingly never-ending flow of background noise. It's important to consider the individuals and teams and also the types of work being performed when designing your layout. Consider some of the more private layouts we can offer to help mitigate this problem.

    Can Hinder Productivity

    If your staff is constantly forced to respond to interruptions or retreat to their headphones, it may be worth considering a combination of open office furniture and private office furniture when designing your layout. Our expert project managers can help put together the right solution.

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