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    Optimizing Your Office Storage Space

    Posted on 6th Sep 2018 in Cubicles, Open Office Furniture

    Despite the emergence of e-friendly initiatives to shed waste and reduce paper use within businesses, there is still a need for storage space. Whether it is backup files of key client accounts or physical space for larger items, designing an office space with storage in mind will help keep the office clutter free in the future.

    When a client or customer visits your office, do they see a well-organized office filled with hard-working employees or do they see a large mess of papers, random objects, and clutter? All offices are the face of your business. Keeping them clean and tidy helps your brand as well as worker productivity.

    There are a variety of spaces you can use to organize the office, whether it be under a desk or utilizing an empty corner space. Below are a few different options for whichever scenario fits you best.

    Underneath Those Desks

    The most common storage method is to utilize the desks that are already in the office. You can add storage bins underneath the spaces or you can refurnish your office space with desks that have built in storage cabinets.

    These work especially well with a space that does not have a lot of extra wall space or dedicated room for cabinetry. If you want to add storage to existing furniture, you may want to consider purchasing a pedestal file cabinet. These are specifically designed to fit underneath flat desk surfaces. In addition, there are also rolling file cabinets, which are able to roll and create additional space as needed.

    Office Storage

    Don’t Forget To Organize Your Wall Space

    Do you have an empty wall that could use some updating? Maybe you need a large amount of storage space and you just don’t have a closet or dedicated storage room. If so, there are several ways to organize this space for your needs.

    For Smaller Spaces

    If you only have a few feet of space, a dedicated storage or filing cabinet would be your best bet. They come in a variety of heights, widths, and styles, allowing you to make the most of a limited space.

    For larger items that don’t necessarily need a file storage system, you can bring in a dedicated storage shelf. Shelves like these are great as they use all available wall space and are easy to organize with separated cubbies.

    Office Storage

    Larger Offices

    For areas with more open space, a long storage cabinet along a wall can provide a separate area to store supplies as well as paperwork. For those operating in a warehouse environment with large workspaces and tabletops, storage cabinets beneath these surfaces can be a unique way to utilize this space while keeping materials within reach.

    In a larger corporate office, keeping files in one space or along a single wall can help ensure that all filing is accounted for and easy to access. If chosen to fit the office décor, a stylish cabinet or well-done storage shelf can add a bit of design flair to your office space as well.

    Office Storage

    Last Things To Consider

    • Will employees need to access materials or files straight from their desk, or can they go to a dedicated file room or area?
    • What kind of office space do you have currently?
    • Will you be adding in storage furniture or are you looking to organize existing furniture pieces?
    • With a little research and consideration, you can find the right storage solution for your office.

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