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    What is a standing desk and should I get one?

    Posted on 21st Jun 2018 in Open Office Furniture, Standing Desks

    What is a standing desk and should I get one?

    Its 3:00pm on a Thursday and you can feel it—that aching soreness down your back and legs. While sitting may seem more comfortable in the short term, staying seated for long hours at work can lead to devastating health conditions. That is why it is important to use a set of office furniture tailored to your daily needs. A standing desk is one furniture option that can help reduce negative health effects by allowing users to stand, or sit on a high stool, while working.

    The standing desk is not a new concept. In fact, standing desks were very popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, often found in houses of the wealthy. Other famous standing desk users include Leonardo da Vinci, Ernest Hemmingway, Nathanial Hawthorne, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. (Disclaimer: Purchasing a specific type of furniture will not turn you into a great scientist or author. Well, not immediately anyway.) But, it goes to show that this type of work environment has been enjoyed for quite some time.

    Health Benefits

    While the standing desk has been around for a while, there have only been a few studies to specifically testing out the truth behind this work tactic. However, there are a number of health studies that show sitting for long periods of time is greatly unhealthy and can put you at risk for a variety of ailments. In 2010, Time Magazine researched the proposed health benefits themselves and found the following:

    • A study covered by the British Journal of Sports Medicine discovered that moving even a small amount at work, such as grabbing water or walking downstairs to get coffee once a day, lowered workers risk for diseases.
    • The American Cancer Society warns that even if you are healthy and work out frequently, all of your work can be undone if the remainder of your work years are spent sitting for the majority of the time.
    • After tracking 17,000 individuals over 13 years, the Pennington Biomedical Research Center concluded that those who sat for most of their day were 54% more likely to die from heart attacks!

    These statistics can look a bit overwhelming, but don’t throw away your chairs yet. As with most things, everything is can be good in moderation. In their article, Time Magazine also warns against standing all day too.

    Moderate Activity = Increased Productivity

    Standing desks come in a variety of different makes, models, and styles. If you want, you can install both a sitting and standing desk in your office to give the option to switch off during the day. They even make standing desks that transition down into a sitting position. Try out different styles and layouts to see what works for you.

    Most importantly, you need to be able to get your work done. If you find that you don’t work as well at a standing desk, try dedicating a small amount of time each day to walking around or doing an easier task at that desk. You still get the benefits of getting out of your chair, while still getting plenty of work done. And of course, remember to lead a healthy lifestyle outside of the workplace too!

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